HDMI over Cat5E/6/6A/7
Extend an HDMI signal over networking cable for maximum reach.
Wireless HDMI
Avoid the hassle and eyesore of running cables when you go wireless.
Go the extra mile with this global standard for ultra-high-definition video.
HDMI Repeaters
Give your signal a little boost with a repeater, equalizer, or conditioner.
HDMI over Coax
Extend your HDMI signal using economical, tried and true coaxial cable.
HDMI over Fiber Optic
Use advanced fiber optic technology to extend an HDMI signal's reach.
As miraculous as HDMI is, length can be its worst enemy. Many factors contribute to the maximum length of an HDMI signal and the actual distance you are spanning is only one part of the equation. Although the general guideline is 50 feet, that’s not an absolute rule. Differences in device output, interference, and technical requirements will all affect how far the HDMI signal can be pushed before it suffers. HDMI extenders were created as a way to get around the pesky digital signal limitations. HDMI extenders come in a variety of forms such as couplers, wall plates, and baluns. FireFold offers options to extend your HDMI at 1080p for up to 330 feet.