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PC Mounts

Welcome to Firefold's "PC Mounts" collection, your one-stop shop for clever computer organization and workstation optimization solutions. We take satisfaction in offering a wide variety of PC mounts, such as computer under-desk mount options, CPU holders, CPU mount brackets, micro pc wall mounts, and others.

As we experience advancements in technology, a clean and clutter-free office becomes almost imperative. This can truly be achieved by our range of PC Mounts. These are created to protect your electronics from potential harm while also maximizing the efficient use of your workspace, ensuring that your setup always looks neat and professional.

A Variety of PC MONTS - Fit for All

The computer under desk mount variety in our collection is an excellent alternative for those of you who have limited desk space and need organization. These specific mounts are meant to keep your computer off the floor in a safe manner and away from nuisances like dust and spills. This also helps free up some very valuable desk space providing an organized look. Our product line includes the revolutionary Adjustable CPU Holder, a simple-to-install solution that allows you to modify the mount to properly fit the size and form of your CPU.

We offer a wide variety of PC wall mount options for those who wish to keep their computer off the desk and fastened to the wall securely. This collection includes the micro PC wall mount which is a compact and sturdy option for small form factor PCs, and the versatile pc wall mount bracket, suitable for virtually any PC model. For Apple users, we also offer the Apple Mac mini wall mount, designed to securely hold your Mac mini while enhancing the sleek and modern look of your setup.

The CPU holders here at Firefold will also make an excellent addition to any office setting. These holders serve as a safe and firm base for your computer which helps prevent it from falling or being knocked over accidentally. Many people prefer the CPU mount bracket for their use because it provides a very sturdy support for the CPU while ensuring adequate ventilation to prevent problems such as overheating.

Another star in our PC Mounts collection is the Wall Mount PC Case. This sleek and extremely innovative design transforms your computer into a gorgeous display while still providing simple access to the interior for the purpose of upgrades and maintenance.

The Tilt Mount with CPU Storage here at the Firefold collection is truly an excellent choice for those of you who really need their screen to be flexible and moveable for that added convenience. This particular mount allows you to alter the screen angle for a more comfortable and adjustable viewing experience, and its integrated CPU storage aids in the safety and security of your computer.

Finally, the PC holder is a versatile product that may be used in a variety of ways depending on your workspace requirements. It is simple to install, secures your PC, and improves the overall organization of your space.

Firefold - Your Once Stop Solution

Our "PC Mounts" collection at is curated with the belief that convenience, organization, and a professional look can significantly boost productivity. Browse through our collection today and revolutionize your workspace with our reliable, durable, and stylish PC mount solutions. We aim to provide an answer to every computer mounting need.

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