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HDMI Wall Plates

Are you not fond of seeing the prominent HDMI cables on your walls? No worries, HDMI wall plates are here to put an end to your misery. The HDMI wall plates will help you to organize the cables behind your walls.

If you are not aware of what HDMI wall plates are and why they are important then you have to come to the right place. Here at FireFold, you'll find a ton of different solutions for your problems including the prominent look of HDMI cables on your walls.

So let's first get into why you need them.

Our Collection

HDMI wall plates have many different types. From HDMI Cat 5 wall plates to HDMI Cat 6 plates, we have it all. At FireFold we only carry the top-notch quality wall plates that will last nothing less than a lifetime.

Vanco 120931 Slim Line

The Vanco slim HDMI pigtail wall plate is white and has a rectangular shape. It comes with two HDMI ports that are connected using a short cable. The product also supports different high resolutions including 1080p, 1080i, and 720p.

It's a great accessory that is easy to connect and the pigtail feature is flexible enough to offer a ton of strain relief. Along with a lifetime warranty, it's an option you should consider.

Evolution HDMI Cat5e/Cat6 Cable Wall Plate

The Evolution series by Vanco is an HDMI wall plate that comes with extenders. It can transmit HDMI audio-video control through a Cat5e/6 cable. The great thing about this HDMI cable wall plate is that it supports 3D formats, supports CEC pass through, and also supports EDID call back.

If you are looking for an HDMI cat 6 wall plate that supports different audio formats and is compatible with DVI 1.0 then the Evolution series is the perfect choice for you!

Home Theater Wall Plate

The 7.1 home theater wall plate is the ultimate solution for all your wire running through the wall problem. The plate is designed to not only work fantastically but also to look decent on your wall. The plate is compatible with three gang junction boxes as well as low voltage brackets.

Additionally, it features around 7 pairs of speaker binding posts and also a subwoofer connection. On the other hand, the connectors are gold-plated to avoid corrosion. And the lifetime warranty is just the sprinkle on top you need to seal the deal.

SlimLine Standard HDMI Pigtail

The decor-style plate comes with an HDMI wall socket, an HDMI jack, and RGB component jacks. The easy plug-in ports and the simple look of the plate are what attract most consumers. The pigtail plate is very flexible and is always 3D-ready for smooth integration.

Additionally, the design comes with many different fitting options so you can customize it the way you want. The wall plate can either attach directly to the single gang box or you can attach it to the low voltage bracket too. And as always all Firefold wall plates come with gold plated connectors and a lifetime warranty.

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