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HDMI Adapters

The Ultimate Guide for HDMI Adapters

Need to couple 2 HDMI Cables? Done. Convert from DVI-D to HDMI or vice-versa? Done and done. We can even help you hook up your MacBook with mini-DisplayPort or Thunderbolt to your HDTV with an adapter that converts that signal over to HDMI. HDMI Adapters by FireFold are ideal for converting your HDMI to DisplayPort, DVI, VGA, and more. Let alone that they’re great for making your cable right angle, or swivel.

We live in an increasingly technological world. We are surrounded by multiple different devices using HDMI and USB technology. In recent years, new models with different characteristics and connection standards have been appearing. In this context, it is often necessary to have adapters to connect equipment with others. However, choosing the right adapter is not always easy. There are different types that have been designed for the various types of existing equipment. Also, not surprisingly, not all offer the same level of functionality. To help you choose the right one, we have prepared this detailed and comprehensive guide.

Important Points

 Adapters allow us to connect equipment that has unsupported inputs and outputs.  They usually consist of an input port, a connecting cable, and an output port.  There are different types of adapters. The two most used are: the USB to HDMI adapter and the HDMI to VGA adapter.

Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About HDMI Adapters

When buying an adapter, it is essential that you keep in mind a number of important questions. Don't forget that there are different types of adapters, each one for a specific use. For this reason, in this section we will answer the most common questions from buyers so that you have no doubts.

What exactly is an HDMI adapter?

HDMI adapters are connectors that allow you to connect different electronic devices, converting, if necessary, the video signal from a digital to an analog format. Normally, they consist of a more or less extensive cable, a signal input point and an output point.

What elements make up an adapter?

It can be said that an adapter basically consists of three elements. First, the port or ports of entry of the signal, which is usually called male. Second, the signal or female output port. And finally, a cable, more or less long, that connects the input and output ports.

What is the HDMI cable for?

HDMI is the acronym for the English term High Definition Multimedia Interface. It is nothing more than a connection standard for the transfer of audio and video between different devices. This transfer is carried out through a cable without compression of the information. In this way, for example, a laptop can be connected to a smart TV and you can watch movies or seasons that you have downloaded on the computer on the larger television screen.

What are the main uses of HDMI adapters?

Adapters are used to connect different types of devices. Thus, with an HDMI adapter, you can connect game consoles or computers to analog displays. Or in the case of USB to HDMI adapters it is possible to connect computers to screens or monitors with HDMI input. To connect a tablet to a digital screen, the adapter must have a USB or Mini USB port, which are the most used in these devices.

Advantages of HDMI adapters?

HDMI adapters have a number of advantages that go beyond the ability to connect equipment that would otherwise be impossible to connect. Thus, they are light and easily transportable. In addition, its price is usually quite low.

How to use an HDMI adapter?

To begin with, it is necessary to check that the equipment is compatible. For this, it is advisable to verify that the devices have input and output ports for the type of HDMI connection. These ports are usually located on the back of the computers.

Once this is verified, the cable is then connected to the two electronic devices that you want to connect. Then, you access the menu of the television, or the equipment that will reproduce the image, and select the desired input source.

Who should buy an HDMI adapter?

In general, they are recommended for anyone who needs to connect equipment with HDMI input types. So, for example, if you have a game console and want to connect it to a projector, you are going to need an HDMI to VGA adapter. Or a USB to HDMI adapter if you want to connect your laptop to a digital television.

What other types of adapters are there?

There is a wide variety of adapters, each designed to accommodate different types of devices. However, today, the most common are USB to HDMI adapters and HDMI to VGA adapters.

What kind of care does an HDMI adapter require?

In general, since it is an electronic device, we must ensure that it does not come into contact with water. In the same way, prevent it from blows and falls. In addition, if you are going to transport it normally, it is advisable to have it protected to prevent it from being damaged by rubbing or contact with other objects.

Purchase criteria

Below, we are going to discuss a number of important criteria that we think you should consider before purchasing an adapter. Some are typical when we make any purchase. Others, however, are adapter- specific and so may be sometimes overlooked.

What are you using it for?

When purchasing an adapter, you should think about the use you will bring it to. In that sense, you should think about the equipment that you are going to use it for, the frequency, as well as the places. You won't need the same adapter to always use it with the same equipment in fixed locations.


Choose one with a high degree of compatibility, so you can use it on more computers and devices. It is important that you check the compatibility of the adapter. In this sense, check the manufacturer’s instructions and read the instruction manual. In this way, you will be able to know if it is suitable for playing content from Macbooks, Chromebook Pixel, cell phones, laptops, tablets or game consoles.

There have been many cases where buyers have purchased an adapter without checking to see if it is compatible with their device and have been in for a nasty surprise after trying it out for the first time.


Some adapters offer more connections than HDMI. Thus, it is possible to find adapters that have DVI connections or a 3.5 mm jack for audio. Others may even have multiple connections, and some even come with power cords. You can also purchase a hdmi to displayport converter, hdmi to dvi converter, hdmi to vga converter or a normal hdmi converter, to connect multiple devices.

4K conversion

This is an aspect that is often overlooked. Some adapters support 4K content transfer, allowing you to enjoy a high-quality image. However, not all are fit for this purpose. So if you're thinking of playing 4K video, make sure the adapter is compatible.


Logically, cables are an aspect that you should always take into consideration. In this sense, you have to think about the extension of the cables, their thickness, their flexibility and their resistance. In addition, you must take into account if the adapter has a 3.5 mm Jack, in which case you must have a cable for it.


When buying an adapter, you will find a large number of different designs. From fairly compact models to others with a considerable size and with a large number of ports. In this way, if you always carry the adapter with you, it is very sure that you are interested in a more compact and lightweight design.

Quality of Materials

This is an aspect that you should not overlook if you want to make sure that the adapter offers high durability. Check the quality of the materials and the resistance they offer. In addition, those with gold tips will allow you to enjoy an image with a greater degree of sharpness and fidelity than the original.


It is important to consider the brand of the HDMI adapter and the converters you are buying. The credibility of a store is important and you should review the quality of products a store is offering. A brand like FireFold is a trusted technology source. They are working since a long time and provide 60 days’ money back guarantee for their products. The store is 100% shopping secure and you can order any type of cable or adapter from the comfort of your bed.

Types of an HDMI convertor available on our store:

HDMI to Displayport Converter: If you want to connect a device to a monitor screen and transmits high- definition video and audio signal from your HDMI devices for video streaming or gaming, we have a HDMI to displayport converter for your ease. You do not need to purchase a new hdmi cable, an HDMI to displayport converter will do the magic!

HDMI to DVI converter:

If you are in a meeting and need to show your presentation to the entire office, you need an HDMI to DVI converter. You can connect your laptop to a big screen or a projector using a HDMI to DVI converter. Don’t worry about the hassle of buying a new HDMI cable or adapter to watch a movie with friends on a Saturday night, just order a HDMI to DVI converter today and we’ll do the rest.

Converter HDMI to VGA

Sometimes you need to send VGA signals to a device with no DVI or displayport connection. If you need to connect your computer to an older TV version or a projector, you will need a HDMI to VGA converter. The converter HDMI to VGA will allow you to connect your computer to any device you want.

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