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pig tail

your product was fine just didn't work for my application. Was coming from the satellite to my router and my solar WIFI box but O guess there wasn't enough power from the inter net box so I had to put in a switch box. Now everything is working.

manufacturer's specs

I purchased the Vanco HDCAPT1 card after receiving a note from a manager at Vanco stating that the card outputted stereo audio - a feature I required in any card I would obtain. I got and tested the card and when I discovered that it only outputted monaural audio I got back in touch with the manager at Vanco who directed his tech team to run similar tests on the card. When the tech team got the same result as I did, the manager directed FireFold to refund my purchase price (which they did very quickly) and then had his tech team run similar tests on their Vanco CAPT4K1 card. When the test results on that card showed that it outputted stereo audio, the manager directed his team to send me a Vanco CAPT4K1 card free of charge. I will say that the Vanco HDCAPT1 card is a very good card if you don't require that it output stereo audio. In this review, I give both Vanco and FireFold very high praise for how they handled this unfortunate situation. They're both great companies to deal with.

ICC RJ11/14/25 Voice High Density Keystone Jack 25 Pack


the item I guess worked ok bur not for my application. Was using it ogg my internet to got router and solar box there wasn't enough power I guess to operate both item through the pigtail. Had to buy a switch box to make it work.

Looks cool on his wall!

My grandson loves it!

This Cable Works Great!

After several thousand feet of use we've had no trouble with it.
Don't go paying more money for the same cable somewhere else.
This is great SCP 2C/22 AWG Stranded PVC Cable that works for us and we don't even use it for security. :-P
Will continue to be a customer with FireFold as long as they can supply this cable.

splitter comment

my splitter is being installed tomorrow, i feel it's gonna be good ... thanks ..

Excellent product at a good price

I have used this product for years and really like it. It is better than the competition.

Can't really comment

The item turned out not to be right for the purpose for which I had ordered it so I returned it.

Strong and practical

Does the job very well. I like that there is a lip on the front edge so that a wireless keyboard can not slide forward and possibly off. I use this in a recording studio and it enables optimum placement of my computer keyboard.

L6-30P to C19 Power Cord – 20A, 250V, 12/3 SJT, Black

IR Connecting Block

Unable to review product as it was not needed and returned. However, the return process was excellent.

always had good luck with VC

Ease of use and reliability has never been an issue. recommend highly.

4K Ethernet Cables

Bought 4 12ft ethernet for hooking up 2 new TVs. They all work as expected and arrived prior to the work plan. Thanks Fire Fold for having everything available when needed.

DataComm Recessed Bulk Cable Wall Plate

Slim High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet 32AWG 4K/60Hz

World Cord NEMA L5-20P to L5-15R 15A 125V 14/3 SJT Adapter Power Cord - Black

Android OTG Cable

Have an older Android phone and wanted to listen to my music without storing it on the phone (not much memory). This OTG cable was perfect for plugging in my flash drive. Works just fine.

Right Angle RCA Adapter

Composite Cable
Arthur S.
Good sound

The length was a little too long, I should have measured first. However the sound comes perfectly.

Fast and order was as described


Simple Ethernet Cat 6 cable but good quality. Service level at FireFold is top notch with excellent client communication, AAA

Works fine

No problems extending the HDMI cable

NetStrand TOSLINK Digital Optical Audio Cable - 2.2mm Jacket

Great Product (=

I originally had a Engenius ENS202 setup on my home to shop. The shop unit decided to remain in FailSafe mode & no matter what I tried it would not pull out of this state. I tried to get help from Engenius Support but they only made contact with me one time asking what firmware I am using. I provided the information and since then, only crickets responded. I decided then I will never offer them business or recommend them to anyone I know. I took a chance and purchased two CPE210 units and installed one to the shop and followed instructions from a very well detailed video on YouTube and to my delight I am back in business. Perhaps in future I can install the second one to another location and feed a security camera. Very Happy with the outcome.

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