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Vertical Cable Cat 6 Keystone Jack 25 Pack

This is best keystone jack that I have ever used for three reasons. First - the layout of the pins is by pair so after you separate the 4 pairs, the solid color and the white wire are next to each other. Second - the width of the body is slim enough that you don't need a staggered patch panel, they fit next to each other without being at a slant. Third - the Vertical Cable tool (which I also purchased) terminates all eight wires with one squeeze.

Cat6A cable is heavy duty!

Great, very well made rugged cable. Impressed. Purchased the 6A in 10ft black, white, and blue. And also 75’ grey. Great price. Fast delivery. Have used Firefold cables for years with perfect success.

i was hoping the small l daisy wheel was the adjustment knob instead you must use a small screwdriver to adjust time delay otherwise it works fine!

RJ11 Inline Modular Crossover Coupler

Useful to a point

The J hook cable supports are strong but limited. They are only able to be attached to beams that are oriented perpendicular to the j hook. The holders can hold many cables. But the cables don't stay in the holder without a wire tie.

Keystone Jack Coupler Works great!

These Keystone Jack couplers work amazing! They've been running great for many applications.

Dual DSL Filter
Carmen M.M.
Works great!

Works great for our answering machine. Thank you!

Great product

This product is a little difficult to use when you first start out but you quickly get the hang of it. The longer the run the more difficult. I used painters tape to keep it together as I went along. for me it holds a CAT 6 cable + a speaker wire. Wouldn't put too much more than that in it. It goes together really well, conveniently covers the wire and adheres to the wall effectively. I love it.

Trulinx project

Like the jacks

Bad date

You worse than a bad date! Calling before I get home from dropping you off. I told you no damn emails!!!!!

Fast and accurate

Delivered quickly and exactly as ordered.

Just what I needed

Things get cluttered. I moved my printer & needed a longer cord. Again, you made it easy.

Awesome Display

It's Totally Awesome it's easy to mount on wall plus I have my Autograph wrestling bat on my wall i love it Thank You.

I always use this product for my wall mounted TVs.

This makes a wall mounted TV installation look professional and if need the romex to wire it up, there is a kit with romex included.

Hard to find volume controls

Looked all over the Web, found these at FireFold, just what I needed, and they were priced well. Shipping was also really fast and free coast to coast.


Good quality. Easy to work with.

Female to Female Coax Coupler

Thank you they work great. Easy to use. Thanks again!!!

Vertical Cable RG6 Quad Shield F-Type Coaxial Compression Connector

They're still the best and easy to work with. l recommend the Coaxial Compression Connector.

Super Slim CAT6A

Great cable! It gives me even more download speed than I’m paying for: 62 down, while I’m paying for 60.

The low profile is fantastic! Form factor wise, it fits into my bag and takes up less room than the random 3’ CAT5 cable I was replacing.

I’m very happy with my purchase! (And the price was better than I could find on Amazon.)


Everything worked as promised. Fast shipping. Very happy with purchase.


I think they are an excellent design, but. The alloy that the bolts are made of are really low grade. I used them to mount relatively light MikroTik equipment. And yet, I have stretched some of the bolts and snapped off a couple. I have since gone back to regular cage nuts and screws. I can't trust them.

Cabinet great - packaging needs work

The cabinet itself is of great quality and meets all expectations, however the cabinet was packaged with all access panels and the door locked with the keys inside which forced me to remove popout panels to reach the keys resulting in sheet metal cuts on my forearms. This isn't the biggest deal, but I had no other need to remove the popout panels that I had to remove since my cabling will be feeding from above and below and not directly behind, and I am used to work related cuts and bruises, but most cabinet manufacturers will leave at least one access panel unlocked to access components stored inside the cabinet. As much as I like the build quality and value, I will probably not order this brand again due to this.

Perfect Cable

We have installed well over 100k ft of this cable and never had a single problem. Boxes are well made and cable pulls smoothly. Terminates with no problems and passes every time. We use ICC cat6 jacks and the simply45 pass through modular plugs.

This is a nice wall mount cabinet

Easy to mount, with extra screw holes in the back to support extra weight for a rack mount UPS.(I always attach a mounting board to be safe) Both sides open for easy access. Extra punch outs on top and bottom for cable access. Front rack mounts are movable for bigger UPS's. Moving it forward 2-3 screw holes is usually enough and gives enough room for the front door to close with cables in switches. This is my 2nd 15U one as I liked the 1st.

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