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HDMI Keystone Jacks

If you are looking for HDMI keystone jacks, and don’t know where to start, there’s no need to worry. This article has the perfect solution for you! Firefold has an amazing supply of incredible products that are designed to organise the mess of cables in your home, and many of them connect to most standard issue wall plates with ease!

ICC HDMI Keystone Jack - Female to Female

This HDI Modular Coupler provides HD video quality and allows you to easily connect high-definition television to your Blu-Ray player. With the help of this convenient female-to-female coupler, you can connect two simple HDMI cables together. Each connector has conductors that are plated with oxygen-free copper which ensures a very high conductivity rating. This universal coupler can easily connect an HDMI keystone jack with a cable and is designed to be compatible with most standard-issue surface mount boxes. The resealable bag in which the HDMI couplers are placed enables you to keep them safe from damage and increases the longevity of the products.

Vanco 820490 HDMI Keystone Jack with Pigtail Female to Female Coupler

This female to female coupler is truly a one-of-a-kind product as it allows you to organize your cables and arrange them in a neat and professional-looking manner. The plug-in ports make it easy to run wires through your walls and clean up the cluttered look of a tangled mess of cables. The gold-plated connectors in these keystone HDMI couplers ensure amazing levels of compatibility, and additionally, the HDMI pigtails are extremely flexible to minimize strain on any small connectors.

HDMI Keystone Pigtail Jack with 5 inch Cable, Male to Female

You can easily have a very professional-looking setup if you directly connect your HDMI cable to the wall with the help of this keystone HDMI pigtail as the keystone jack can easily snap into your standard keystone wall plates. Additionally, there is also a 5-inch cable that routes this male to the female couple and connects it to your display source. This connector is gold plated to ensure that it has maximum resistance to corrosion in order to maintain the integrity of the signal for a longer period of time. Both HDMI keystone jacks and the cables have a Type A pin, which gives them the ability to easily connect with satellite receivers, standard computer monitors and cable boxes. The best part of this HDMI keystone with pigtail is a truly universal product as it can effortlessly be compatible with most standard issue wall plates.

HDMI Keystone Jack - Female to Female Coupler

This amazing high-speed HDMI keystone jack also works as a female to the female coupler and has a plastic molded covering that adds insulation and increases the longevity of the product. The entire HDMI keystone inserts process is very simple as they are incredibly easy to install. Having multiple HDMI ports on both ends makes this product extremely easy to install and remove in case of any problems or issues. Having keystone HDMI couplers allows you to connect the cable in your wall to an outside source without even ruining the quality. Since wall plates come with multiple jacks, you can have the freedom to install this product into a wall plate which will allow you to organize your cables with greater ease.

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