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HDMI Repeaters

HDMI Repeaters

HDMI Booster, also known as HDMI signal extender or repeater, is a simple tool designed to extend the distance over which HDMI data can be transmitted reliably through the HDMI leads.

HDMI cables were built to transmit high quality media up to 4K over short distances. The rule of thumb states that the HDMI wire should be as short as possible for stronger and clearer signals. This can be problematic in situations where media devices, that are to be connected, are present far away from the display source. That is where HDMI repeaters come in handy.

HDMI signal extender allows the interconnection between two HDMI wires to provide long distance coverage without compromising audio and video strength. It regenerates the high-quality AV signals received from the first cable and transmits them into the second cable that is connected to the display source at the other end.

There are mainly two types of HDMI repeaters

Active HDMI repeaters

Active HDMI signal booster utilizes the active components present within the repeater to boost the signals. This allows users to preserve the picture and audio quality and overcome the losses that can occur in longer connections.

Passive HDMI repeaters

They are the simplest type of HDMI extenders that increase the voltage on the line of connection in order to preserve the signal strength.

Active HDMI extenders are more expensive than the passive ones and provide better performance in large distances. However, for areas that are small and can be easily managed via two small wires, a passive HDMI extender should suffice.

Connecting a HDMI booster is as simple as connecting the charger of a phone. The users simply have to plug in one end of first HDMI to their input source (gaming consoles, laptops, cameras, set top box etc.) and the other end to the extender. The second HDMI wire can then be connected from the extender to the screen (Television, projector, monitor) to complete the circuit.

Another major advantage of using the HDMI repeaters is the fact that they reduce the overall cost while maintaining the quality. For example, there is a situation where television and the set top box are present quite distant to each other. A connection can be achieved by using a long HDMI cable but that has two main disadvantages. First, good quality long HDMI cables are quite expensive. Second, as the length of the cable increases, some signals are lost during the course. Hence, by simply connecting two small, inexpensive, good quality cables to a HDMI signal booster, users can avoid the signal losses and can save the overall budget as well.

HDMI booster is a simple tool that can be useful in many situations. It helps users to achieve stable long-distance connections with high quality resolution of up to 4K at 60 fps. Vanco HD4KRPTR HDMI repeater 4K is the best HDMI repeater that is available with free shipping at the FireFold store. Currently available at the discounted price of $29, these Active HDMI repeaters can provide reliable connections till up to 100 feet.

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