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Electronics Mounts

If you want electronic stations at your home or office setups to look ordered and take less space, you have come to the right place. Welcome to our collection of the best electronic mounts out there. FireFold is now bringing to you innovative solutions to keep all your electronic devices organized and optimized. From TV mounts to controller holders, we provide a vast range of electronic mounts to ensure efficient use of your space.

Electronic TV Mounts

If you need a sustainable solution for your TV stand taking up extra floor space, Firefold's electronic TV mounts are the answer. With multiple available designs, these sturdy mounts allow you to securely attach your television to the wall adding a minimalist touch to your room. They are easy to install and won't block any ports or cords.
We also have large tilt mounts with adjustable tilting options to securely hold and angle larger televisions. This allows adjustment flexibility and exceptional viewing experience.

Headset Wall Mounts

Firefold has a versatile collection of wall mounts for your headsets. Designed with simplicity in mind, these mounts allow you to take advantage of unused wall space. Now, you can anchor your headsets on the wall for easier accessibility and organized space. These headsets mounts are universal and compatible with other headwear as well like sports helmets and hats.

Universal Controller Wall Mount

Gaming consoles, remotes, and controllers have a habit of disappearing into the clutter of our living spaces. Our universal controller wall mounts are specifically designed to neatly display your controllers on the wall, making sure you always know where to find them for your next gaming session. They come with extra protection rubber and anti slip security. You can use these mounts for Xbox, PlayStation, Steam, Nintendo and other similarly sized controllers.

Xbox One X and PS4 Pro Mounts

For Xbox One X and PlayStation users, we've got you covered! Our purpose-built Xbox and PS4 pro mounts aim to provide maximum secure storage for your gaming consoles. Whether you prefer wall, under-desk, or VESA mounting, these mounts are easily installed. They ensure your gaming hub is safe, accessible, and proudly displayed.

Keyboard Mounts

Keyboard mounts are a one-of-a-kind keyboard storage solution. They serve to free up valuable desk space and reduce clutter. These mounts allow you to adjust your keyboard's height and angle to your liking, boosting your efficiency. They are made up of heavy-guage steel and powder-coated finish to protect your keyboard from scratches.
With Firefold's collection of electronic mounts, you get the best value for your investment. With so many different types of electronic mounts available, you get a diverse range of solutions to streamline your digital lifestyle. Visit Firefold today and transform your space into an organized, clean, and convenient technology haven.

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