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Switches/Splitters/Extenders A solution to every problem!

-Why choose Firefold for your switches/splitters/extenders
We are popularly known for our impeccable customer service and for the provision of the most top-notch networking solutions out there. Our items include a monumental number of techno savvy items such as switches/splitters/extenders. We also offer the best quality service delivery and tech aid out there and have been ranked among the top in the industry of technology. This is due to the fact that our services and products such as our switches/splitters/extenders are an accurate amalgam of premium quality and affordability. Hence, we swear to bring to your doorstep nothing but the best of the best among the tech world products and services.
Now switches, splitters and extenders are some significantly useful accessories. Whether it’s your need for a good techno entertainment system in your home or even if you wish to perform a variety of functions from the same gadget at the office, these techno savvy accessories are the way to go. They allow you to explore the realm of possibilities when it comes to the functioning of your electronics and ultimately make your life easier.
Looking for a reliable outlet that will help deliver to you great quality and economically priced switches/splitters/extenders? Look no further as our trusty products are at your service.

-4K HDMI Splitter
A godsent for those of you who have restlessly been updating their gadgets and accessories every single time new technology is introduced. Since the world of technology is always evolving and doesn’t seem to stop for anyone, why not choose a more future proof option when it comes to switches/splitters/extenders? The 4K HDMI splitter is good to integrate into all modern revolutionary equipment omitting the need for you to upgrade your equipment so regularly. It supports Ultra High Definition 4K@60Hz resolutions as well as UHD-HDR and 3D signaling. Apart from this, it boasts some pretty futuristic features such as HDCP 2.2 compliance and backward compatibility ensuring that you’re good to go for all future updates.

Available for all your splitter needs whether it’s from HDMI 1 to 4, 1 to 2, or even 1 to 8. Moreover, the 4K HDMI splitter variety here allows you to duplicate the signaling from one source on a number of individual displays which works great for application in public spaces and events. It automatically scales to the best possible highest resolution of any display you connect to it allowing for various resolution displays to present their individual maximum resolution. For the optimum viewing experience, it is equipped with HDR support and EDID configuration.

-HDMI Extender
The short length of your HDMI giving you trouble? An HDMI extender is a member of the switches/splitters/extenders variety that works to easily resolve this by extending the length of your present cable. Our economical extender options can extend HDMI signals up to various feet over all ethernet cables. They are made using sturdy and durable aluminum and have wall mountable cut-outs. This makes for convenient installation. The HDMI extender boasts Full HD support, an EDID pass-through for optimum display resolution and uncompressed audio output support. You can easily control various source devices using built-in IR control. Optimum support for both video and audio included.

-VGA Splitter
A VGA splitter provides efficacious solutions when it comes to dual monitor connectivity. Dual monitor functionality can seriously increase the productivity of your working process making it the ultimate must-have for any workplace. Our VGA splitter is a budget-friendly option carefully crafted to fill up the gap between two monitors. It connects two monitors to a PC with a VGA output and does not occupy more than one port on your computer. The VGA splitter variety here comes with a number of ports to choose from according to your needs.

VGA Switch
This item from the switches/splitters/extenders variety allows you to connect the outputs of various computers to a single monitor for visual reasons. Using our trusty VGA switch, you can connect one monitor to four different computers including both PCs and Mac. Its convenient design and functionality allow you to easily choose which specific computer to display on the monitor at one time. No external power supply is needed to operate our handy VGA switch. All you need to do is plug your VGA monitor cable into the output and connect computers to the VGA inputs. After this just plug in your power adapter and voila, you have your VGA switch up and running.

-TP Link Desktop Switch
An economical network solution for all small-scale business corporations, the TP-link desktop switch allows for a smooth transitioning to gigabit ethernet. Easily increase your network server and backbone connection speed with our TP-link desktop switch. Moreover, it also enables gigabit to the desktop. Our switches/splitters/extenders category features an efficient TP-link desktop switch that boasts a low power consumption design with energy-efficient specifications like no other. Save your power consumption and perform your tasks in an eco-friendly manner with this ethernet switch.

Techlogix Networx HDMI switcher
Does your TV have just one HDMI input? The Technologix Networx HDMI switcher is the best move for you if you want to connect various video sources to your TV. Our compact HDMI switcher can manage the connections of different users or video sources at the same time. The Techlogix network HDMI switcher makes your life at the office ultimately easier by eliminating messy cables and tangled up wires giving you one solution to kiss all those problems goodbye.

-Purelink Ultra HD HDMI to HDBaseT switcher
Our HDMI matrix switch variety is among the best in the market. The Purelink Ultra HD HDMI to HDBaseT matrix switcher with PoE allows for independent switching between 8 different displays and 8 different sources. It boasts EDID management, full 3D support up to 1080p, and a front panel LCD display for menu navigation. This also comes with an IR remote fully operational with an IR receiver and more!

-Purelink Switcher
Among the most reliable in the HDMI integrated switcher industry is the trusty Purelink Switcher. Take the HX-4400-U 4x4 HDMI matrix switcher, it features EDID/HDCP management and offers to switch for up to four inputs and four outputs. It also boasts full HDCP and HDMI v1.4 compatibility. This Purelink Switcher is made to deliver incomparable parameters of quality.
We ensure the provision of the most premium quality switchers/splitters/extenders you could think of. Whether it’s an HDMI repeater you’re looking for, a fiber extender kit, or any other splitter/extender/switcher device, we’ve got you covered.
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