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Micro HDMI Cables

Micro HDMI Cable

Micro HDMI Cable or also known as Type-D Connector, provides high definition viewing and helps you to connect any small portable media device to a larger screen. Since their origin, these cables have taken a significant place in the digital market due to their high demand. As almost all the latest televisions and monitors etc. come with a built-in HDMI port, having a micro HDMI cable can become handy from time to time.

Our Micro HDMI to HDMI Cables allow you to port your smartphones and cameras to HDMI-supported TVs/Computers/Projectors. You can use them to transfer data, view pictures and play music in real-time. They not only display excellent durability but work extremely efficiently as well. Using these HDMI high-speed cables, you can connect your phone to any entertainment device from the comfort of your own home and watch movies in High-definition quality. You can also use this Micro HDMI cable to connect your phone to any television and play games on a bigger screen while lying back on your sofa.

Available in a variety of 3 different lengths (3ft, 6ft and 10ft) for you to choose from, this HDMI cable will swiftly get the job done. Whether it’s for your home, your workplace or your personal office, you can never go wrong with Firefold HDMI cables.

Clocked at 10.2 Gbit/s, our HDMI cables are among the fastest audio/video cables on the market. They won’t even cost you an arm and a leg and will surely go easy on the wallet. These micro HDMI to HDMI cables come with 24k Gold plated contacts that add to its longevity by resisting wear and tear and corrosion damage. Owing to this, you get nothing but the best signal transmission at all times.

We also provide HDMI cable with Ethernet Channel technology. Ethernet Channel technology consolidates video, audio and data streams into a single cable. This, in turn, combines the unmatched signal quality and convenience of HDMI connectivity with the power and flexibility of home entertainment networking, making it the perfect fit for all your home entertainment needs.

With that being said, it is essential to note that your display or device must have a HDMI port for these cables to be compatible for optimum performance. Keep in mind that it is not compatible with all HTC phones.

While using our products, you don’t have to worry about reliability and authenticity. Our Micro HDMI cable is backed by a hefty 60-day Money Back Guarantee with a 100% Secure Shopping. To top it all off, these HDMI high speed cables come with a lifetime warranty as well.

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