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Jonard Tools

Jonard Tools

Jonard Tools Networking Tool Kits & Equipments

Jonard Industries Corp is one of the leading brands in the field of Telecommunication. They offer 20 separate categories each having its own wide array of innovative and reliable networking equipments that provides solutions to all types of problems. The company has patented Jonard tools manufactured for various industries like the Telecom, CATV, Fiber Optic, Wireless and Electrical Industry. They further release new unique products on a monthly basis to keep themselves ahead of the market and to stay connected to the modern world.

Since its origin in 1958, Jonard Industries maintains a reputable position in this field. After acquiring OK Industries back in 2003, the company became a major dominating force with a combined experience of more than 100 years. Professionals from all over the world use Jonard tools for all home-based connections as well as fieldwork.

Some of the Top rated Jonard Tools

Jonard HDMI Cable Tester

The Jonard HDMI cable tester is a perfect tool for evaluating all types of HDMI and Mini HDMI with length up to 500 metres. Using this tool is simple and quite easy. Just connect the HDMI cable and find the faults within seconds. It also has some other useful features like auto shutdown function after 10 mins that helps to preserve the battery life.

Jonard Wire Wrap Tool Kit

A complete tool kit that includes insulated wire wrapping and unwrapping tools along with pliers and other necessary stuff needed for wire wrapping. Jonard wire wrap tool kit has two main variants;


  • Central Office Wire Wrapping Tool Kit
  • WWK-CO Wire Wrapping Tool Kit : for distributing frame or field service use


Jonard Fiber Optic Tool Kit

Another top-rated set of tools built solely for managing fiber optic cables. The Jonard fiber optic tool kit comprises the famous Mid span slit & ring tools that makes it fast and easy to indicate blade locations. They also offer a compact carrying case to keep the lightweight precious tools safe from external damage.

However, each Jonard tool is also available separately at the Firefold online store.

Jonard stripping tool

The CST-1140 Round Cable & Ring Tool is ideal for quick and precise removal of cable jackets from all types of cables that have the diameter of 4.5mm to 29mm.

Jonard mid-span slitter

This ultimate Jonard mid-span slitter tool designed specifically for gaining mid-span access to any type of armoured or thick jacketed cable having 4mm to 28.6mm diameter.

Jonard cable mapper

As the name suggests, Jonard cable mapper is used to find and identify up to 8 COAX and network cables within the main cable box. This is helpful in situations like installing satellite networks, telephone systems, CCTV and security systems.

As mentioned earlier, Jonard offers hundreds of other networking equipments and each solves a particular problem. The whole list can be viewed at the online store of FireFold. All these Jonard tools have free shipping service and a lifetime warranty.

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