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Commercial Lighting

Commercial Lighting

Catering to your needs with dedication and zeal, we provide you high-quality commercial LED outdoor lighting at affordable prices. Comfortable yet fancy for indoor functions, our collection of led lighting will add a spark to your events. We offer a variety of lights that can be mounted and placed on pathways for designing the event.The specification of these commercial LED outdoor lighting is easy to use, great for outdoor utility and very long lasting.

Available in lumen outputs, these lights have multiple distributions including the symmetrical distribution as well as pathway. Our most popular outdoor LED flood lights are available in color temperature options. They provide you with the customizability according to your requirements. Moreover, our collection is energy efficient as configurations are run on Direct Current. Topping that up with the choice of control options.
We offer a variety of control options including photo- and motion sensor control. These specifications are present in our outdoor pole mounted led flood lights that are mounted to buildings or sidewalks. These lights illuminate the passageway while also adding elegant beauty.

Our collection of commercial LED outdoor lighting is extraordinary that can be configured and personalized. It makes our lighting easy to meet the needs of the site. Moreover, our collection has versatility coupled with accurate power. It ensures high-end experience of the users and energy savings that are unmatched. Our collection is utilitarian as well as simplistic making your upgrade from traditional bulbs to LEDs smooth. The classic structure and delicacy set our collection apart from others. Powered to work from dawn to dust, these led lighting will operate without fuss. Pick the one that suits your needs. Today!

Morris Emergency Lights
Our collection of high-quality Morris emergency lights with higher visibility is sure to protect your entrance and exits. Whether it is a commercial building or a housing building, these high-end emergency lights are energy saving. It ensures that visibility is increased and never compromised. In addition to this, our collection of commercial emergency lights puts safety on top. The micro LED lights in our Morris collection are rechargeable. It is low maintenance and is equipped with lithium-ion batteries as backup. All this makes these emergency lights reliable as well as durable. In addition to this, there are several lighting units’ options and glare-free outputs crafted in LED lamps. This makes our collection perfect for everyday requirements.

Morris Lighting Unit
Maintenance free equipped with lead battery, these lighting units by Morris are designed to perfection. Perfect for indoor locations, these LED lighting units can be joined for indoor and outdoor locations. Greater illumination due to plug-jacks availability, and incandescent lamps with angles that can be adjusted. Morris lighting units can illuminate the tops of counters as well as other work surfaces. The popular lighting unit is heat-resistance and crafted with steel. High-quality with a longer life makes the unit heart of all the Morris products. Colors that can be tuned and lights that can be dimmed to fit the needs, the unit is available in several sizes. Easy to be installed, these commercial LED outdoor lighting by Morris are must have!

Exit Emergency Light
Crafted with high-end engineering modules, our collection of exit emergency light is in demand these days. The extremely bright red emergency exit sign is available in many sizes. It serves to intensely illuminate such that it's highly visible even from 100 feet away. The adjustable, energy saving lamp heads add to the indication of the exit points. High-end resistant thermoplastic ensures durability of the exit marks. These emergency exit lights are able to work under low voltage and are easily charged. Maintenance is low and presence of rechargeable battery adds to the value. Equipped further with a Nickel-Cadmium battery backup, these lights can work for 90 minutes. Speedy recharging abilities, these lights have a light alert for their battery conditions.

Motion Sensor Emergency Light
Our collection of the motion sensor emergency light has gained popularity over time. The system is equipped with an active motion sensor having adjustable sensitivity. In addition, modes of day and night-time detection can be adjusted. The sensitive detector uses infrared for detection of thermal movement under the zone of detection. These commercial LED outdoor lighting are equipped with an internal microprocessor which is responsible to connect it to the detector. These detectors are easily mounted on walls, ceilings, and even floors. The detection zone is up to ten meters in diameter under which movement can be easily detected. The infrared detector switches on to local or built in movements and is able to adjust when movement is stopped.

Adjustable Emergency Light
High impact thermoplastic and adjustable emergency light collection is available with us. Great to be placed at various locations such as aisles, staircases, corridor, entrance, and exit points. These lights can also be installed at houses or at restaurants or warehouses. The system can be installed in minutes and is equipped with adjustable lamps to increase its durability. These emergency lights can be made to point at your desirable directions and thus are suitable for indoors. These emergency lights use longer lasting and efficient LEDs in white. Full adjustment makes them operational after minutes of installation. Explore the collection at your favorite prices today.

Round Head Emergency Light
Our collection of commercial LED outdoor lighting includes the emergency lights with round heads. This feature has the exit sign on both sides making it a perfect choice for schools, restaurants. It is also perfect for commercial buildings including malls and restaurants. These emergency lights offer durability with long-term usage. The thermoplastic housing is high-impact and offers automatic operations with adjustable lamps. These emergency lights offer indicators in case of emergencies and are available in various capabilities of the remote. Available in black, white, green, and red colors this combo includes a universal mount system for both signs. These emergency lights have wire connectors of high quality, ensuring durability.
Explore our collection of commercial LED outdoor lighting ranging from commercial security lights and commercial dusk to dawn outdoor lights today!
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