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Projector Mounts

The best collection of projector mounts at Firefold and more

Projector mounts are all about convenience. If you are looking for a projector mount that will clear the clutter off your desks and also offer optimal security, you have come to the right place. The vast collection of projector mounts at Firefold is here to cater to your requirements. Browse through the collection to find the mounts that will fit the bill for you. Whether it is the projector mount with spider or the automated projector mount.

The wide array of projector mounts at Firefold
The extensive collection of mounts at Firefold reeks of quality and convenience. Here's a peek into the collection.

Adjustable ceiling TV mount
Quality or security can't be compromised when it comes to mounting a TV or projector onto the ceiling. The adjustable ceiling TV mount is provided with an adjustable pole. This makes it ideal for nearly every situation.
The product is primarily designed for classrooms, retail establishments, and healthcare facilities. A titling backplate forms part of the mount, allowing five degrees of upward and 15 degrees of downward movement. This ensures the best viewing angle, irrespective of the placement. The ceiling plate can be adjusted up to 90 degrees.
One has to check for compatibility with their model before buying a projector mount. This one is compatible with most models available on the market. Further locking is also possible in high locking areas. It is also scratch-resistant and made of high-quality steel.

The features of the adjustable ceiling TV mount
· Designed for classrooms and large setups
· Can be tilted 5 degrees upward and 15 degrees backward
· Solid steel construction
· Adjustable pole

Universal projector ceiling mount
The universal projector ceiling mount is compatible with most projectors with a weight of up to 22 pounds. It is designed for conference rooms, classrooms, and similar other setups. The perfect viewing angle can be achieved via the articulating motion.
This is one of those projector mounts that can rotate 360 degrees and tilt up to 15 degrees upward and downward. An installation guide is provided with the project to avoid any confusion.

Features of the universal projector ceiling mount
· Can support the weight of up 22 pounds
· 360-degrees rotation
· Made from high-quality aluminium

Chief projector bracket
Chief has more than 35 years of experience in the industry. Over the years, the company has produced numerous impressive products and won many accolades. They are recognized worldwide as the leading figures in the AV industry. The Chief projector bracket is another one of their potent products that don't fail to deliver.
A high definition projector requires an equally powerful projector bracket, and this product caters to that requirement. With this projector bracket, the projector can be installed such that it remains hidden for the most part. The movement is smooth and quiet, and the installation process is quite feasible. The bracket keeps the projector securely in place.

Features of the Chief projector bracket
· Precise position
· Convenience with quick connect and disconnect
· High-quality
· Easy installation

Peerless-AV wall projector mount
Peerless mounts have been in the industry for long. They give a professional look to your setting with sleek designs. The peerless AV wall projector mount is provided with an adjustable extension that is highly versatile.
It also features a unique multipurpose arm that makes it easier to mount the projector both vertically and horizontally. A safety catch also forms part of the mount to ensure that the equipment remains safe. This isn't one of those projector mounts that compromise on safety.
Once the alignment is set, the security screws can be used to lock the mount in place. It offers multiple adjustment options throughout the length of the extension. One can also pair the mount with other ceiling adapter plates.
The mounting plate is quite flexible and of high quality. It is provided with a sturdy black powder coat, which ensures that the mount will continue looking as good as new for a long time.

Features of the peerless AV wall projector mount
· Can mount to walls and ceilings
· Features continue adjustment setting throughout the extension
· Equipped with a built-in safety catch and additional security screws

Automated projector mount
This one is among the most potent projector mounts. The automated projector mount offers smooth and quiet movement, making it a suitable choice for use in commercial and residential settings.
The mount is capable of accommodating multiple control options. It features two internal power outlets, with one of them being switched to 110V. Thus, users can set it up easily. It can extend downward up to 36 inches. Three built-in stopping positions form part of it. Weighing up to 35 pounds, the mount can be installed by a single person.

Features of the automated projector mount
· Caters to most installation requirements
· Quiet movement
· Equipped with two internal outlets
· Multiple control options
· Easy installation

Flush ceiling projector mount
The flush ceiling projector mount is provided with all the settings to ensure that installation is optimally feasible. If a close and flush look is what you need, it has a 4-inch length pipe that will get the job done. It is not only easy to install but highly secure as well. High-quality steel has been used in manufacture. Furthermore, it is also scratch-resistant.
The product is capable of holding weight up to 500 pounds. It is compatible with ceiling extensions and accessories.

Features of the flush ceiling projector mount
· High-quality
· Easy installation
· Compatible with all ceiling extensions
· Scratch-resistant

High-quality projector mounts at Firefold
The requirements of mounts are quite specific. Convenience, compatibility, and quality are of immense value. The extensive range at Firefold ensures that you find something that suits your need perfectly.
Browse through the wide range of projector mounts and never worry about the safety of your equipment again. The high-quality will ensure that these products last for a long time. Get the perfect projector mount and let the game begin! You are in for quite an experience!
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