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Networking Wall Plates

Networking wall plates are an essential component for permanent networking installations. These load bearing devices make it quick and convenient to connect and disconnect stations. To protect your cables from any potential damage, installing networking wall plates is the way to go. The plate you require depends on where and for what you’re setting it up for. Proper research and exploring your options will lead you to find the best fit for you.

What is faceplate in networking? A faceplate or outlet cover is a cover for concealing and protecting your Cat 5, Cat5e or Cat6 Ethernet cables. Networking wall plates are designed to keep your wires organized and out of sight for a neater and safer experience. This is an ideal installation for commercial and private use alike. In order to choose the correct faceplate, it is mandatory to consider the number of switch openings, number of gangs and most importantly, the application.

Phone wall plate

This features a two port modular plate used to conceal all telephone wires out of sight. This device is compatible with a four-conductor Cat3 cable and spots dual connections on the front. The screw-in style is color coded to make the trickiest installations quick and convenient so anyone can do this with absolute ease. It is manufactured to be used with a new or existing single gang low voltage box and can be installed with the help of the screws provided.

Decora wall plate

If you want additional sockets without having to install a whole wall box, this is the way to go. This is a rocker switch and an outlet as well; the perfect two in one device for all your needs. It may also be compatible with dimmer switches in the block opening. These are a famous alternative to the toggle light switches. Manufactured from durable and dense plastic, the surface of the plate is immune to damage and guaranteed to last. The white glossy finish helps it merge right in with your existing networking wall plates for a clean, crisp and professional finish.

Surface mount box

When an in-wall box installation is not possible, a surface mount is your savior. Avoid messy wires with this revolutionary space saving design. This 2 port surface mount box is just the kind of networking wall plates you need for if you are looking to avoid the time and hassle spent while cutting into walls. Mount this anywhere you desire, preferably on the bottom of a wall for concealing it and making your space look appealing as ever with added functionality. This comes with two Cat5e keystone jacks installed.

Ethernet wall plate

As the world practically runs on the Ethernet, you need yourself an Ethernet wall jack. In order to install you simply plug the connector into the inside of your networking wall plates and then simply insert on the side facing the interior of a wall. The Adhesive Cable Management Kit's Sleek Socket Ethernet Only 1-Gang Wall Plate with Four CAT 6 Female-to-Female Adaptors is a game-changer for coaxial data cable outlets and connections in the home and workplace.

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