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DVI to HDMI Adapters

Digital Visual Interface or DVI to HDMI Adapters is a handy accessory that allows interconnection between digital display devices like Digital Televisions, Plasma TVs, LCD TVs, Projectors etc. to Digital source devices such as DVD/DVD-R players, digital set-top boxes, gaming consoles and Audio Video (AV) receivers.

Despite the fact that the current era is driven by HDMI supported devices, DVI enabled devices still exist. One prime example of such products includes high-end PC graphic cards. The latest graphic cards most often do come with an existing DVI port. In order to transfer high quality graphics, users have to connect them to a computer by using bi-directional DVI to HDMI Adapters.

It is important to know that DVI to HDMI adapters and DVI cables with HDMI adapters are two separate things. The latter is a digital cable that comes with a DVI port on one side and HDMI port on the other. However, for HDMI adapters, users will need to have an additional HDMI cable that can be connected to the adapter at one end and output devices at the other. The DVI to HDMI adapter cable is more expensive as compared to the simple Digital DVI to HDMI adapter but in terms of image quality, there is no difference between the two. Getting an adapter is still advantageous as the combined cost of an adapter and a simple HDMI cable is still cheaper than the cost of one DVI to HDMI adapter cable.

As far as the quality of DVI to HDMI Adapters is concerned, a good adapter is one that is not very expensive, can transfer high quality signals, can resist corrosion and should last a year or more easily. Fortunately, at FireFold, the entire DVI input to HDMI output adapters are gold plated that can easily resist dust and corrosion allowing users to have great quality experience for many years. For those who want to avoid the hassle of buying adapter and cable separately, FireFold also offers DVI to HDMI adapter cable. These cables come in various sizes giving you the luxury to choose the one according to your own needs.

Keep in mind that DVI to HDMI Adapters and cables can only transfer video/graphic signals and cannot transfer audio signals. In order to port audio and video together, a fully active converter is needed that separates audio and video signals apart. However, such converters are rarely needed as many audio devices now come with the HDMI ports.

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