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Tablet & Mobile Mounts

Let us introduce you to a world of organized efficiency with Firefold's exceptional selection of mobile and tablet wall mounts. Just as we've revolutionized multi-monitor setups, we're now bringing forth a range of mounts specifically tailored for your mobile devices and tablets.

Our aim is to optimize your accessibility to your devices while ensuring a clutter-free environment. If you are tired of tangled charging cables and cluttered tabletops, this is your chance to embrace the future of mobile and tablet organization.

Multi-Purpose Mobile Mounts

Our mobile wall mounts, designed for smartphones, enable you to streamline your daily tasks easily. They provide hands-free use of your device for activities like navigation, video conferences, or following recipes while cooking.

They are an excellent mobile mounting solution, allowing you to dock your mobile device securely while freeing up valuable desk space. With your phone at eye level, you can watch movies and stream content at the angle of your choice, without any added strain. Not only that, if you are clumsy, these mobile mounts would perfectly secure your device from accidental falls.

Boost Your Productivity with Tablet Wall Mounts

If you rely on your tablets for work or entertainment, Firefold is now offering a range of tablet wall mounts that combine form and function. They are ideal for turning your tablet into a hands-free work companion or an immersive entertainment hub. Whether you're following a recipe in the kitchen, watching your favorite show, or hosting a virtual presentation, our tablet mounts ensure your device is readily accessible and at the perfect viewing angle.

Versatile with Enhanced Features

Our collection includes a variety of tablet mounts suited for variable uses. The Heckler MacBook Stand has Velcro strap mounting locations for cable management and strain relief. You can fasten your iPad to tripods, display arms, and other VESA-compatible mounting spaces.
The Universal Touch tablet stand is compatible with all iPad and Android tablet models and attaches securely using strong 3M adhesives and offering flexible placements.

Cable Management Made Easy

With the help of these mobile and tablet mounts, you can create a clean and organized space for yourself while also ensuring your devices stay powered and connected. They come with integrated cable management systems that allow your charging and data cables to remain neatly tucked away, You can charge your device easily using the Touch bracket, which has a built-in way to route the charging cable down the stand. You can choose whether the cable goes through the mounting surface or out the back of the stand, depending on how you want to use it. Plus, all your device's ports and buttons are easy to reach.

Effortless Installation

Firefold delivers tablet and mobile mounting solutions that are straightforward and user-friendly. Comprehensive yet easy-to-follow instructions back the installation process. You can now achieve professional-looking results without the need for extensive technical expertise.

Built to Last, Protecting Your Assets

We understand that your mobile devices and tablets are your assets and they deserve a mounting solution that is as reliable as it is secure. Firefold's wall mounts provide peace of mind, keeping your devices firmly attached to the wall without the risk of shifting or accidental falls.
Our tablet mounting stands offer a steadfast foundation for your screens, having been made from durable materials that are specifically engineered for stability, protecting them from potential damage and ensuring years of reliable use.
Whether you're someone who values accessibility or someone who loves an organized space, explore Firefold's collection of mobile and tablet wall mounts today. Watch your space get transformed into a clutter-free and efficient environment that seamlessly combines aesthetics with practicality.

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