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Lightning Cables

Lightning cables are the connector cables designed exclusively by Apple Inc. to replace its large sized previously used 30-pin dock connector. These cables are thinner and up to 80% smaller than their predecessors.

Apple lightning cable was introduced on 12th Sept, 2012 and is being used in almost every Apple product launched after that date. Some of these first- and third-party products include;

  • Apple iPhone 5 and above (even in the latest iPhone 14 released on 7th Sept, 2022)
  • Apple iPad 4th Gen and above
  • Apple iPod Nano 7th Gen + iPod Touch 5th and above
  • Apple Watch (Complete series is powered through apple lightning cable)
  • Airpods, Airpods Pro and AirPods Max charging cases
  • Siri Remote for Apple TV 4th Gen + 4K TV 1st Gen and above also uses lightning cables
  • Apple Pencil 1st Gen and above
  • Magic Keyboard, Magic Mouse 2 and Magic Trackpad 2
  • Beats Solo Pro headphones
  • Some third-party accessories like Belkin Power bank and Razer gaming controller etc.

Meanwhile all the major competitors have shifted to Type-C USB cables, Apple decided to stick to its stance of keeping lightning cables as their universal connector for the majority of their products barring MacBook and iMac. Experts believe this is another one of those moves that Apple made to keep themselves unique and to have a marketplace of their own.

In order to keep up with the modern technology, the lightning cables come as various adapters that allow them to be used with other interfaces like USB C to lightning, USB lightning, HDMI, VGA and SD cards adapters. Each pin of the lightning cables is reversible meaning they can be inserted into the phone both ways face up or face down. Fortunately, these connectors can be bought easily and all of them are available here at the FireFold store.

Apple lightning cable does more than just transmitting power. Users can also send and receive digital data like photos, videos, music etc. to their laptops. These cables can also transmit audio that allows companies to manufacture wired headphones. It’s good to see that even with the rise of wireless earphones, someone out there can still get affordable wired earphones if they want. USB lightning cables can be used to connect the phones directly to the camera in order to transfer images and videos. Lightning to HDMI cable is a great way to hook up the iPhone and iPad to the HDTV. By using this feature, one can easily duplicate their device screen with the Television screen.

NetStrand USB C to Lightning MFI certified cable, available in two different lengths including 3 feet and 6 feet, is a fast-charging, high quality and best lightning cable that you can get around the $10 price point.

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