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Our Story

We evolved from a small husband and wife team to becoming a leader in the technology industry.

With a team of 30 technology experts, installers, and technicians, combined with a brand new 30,000 square foot warehouse, we continue to spread our legacy of remarkable products, knowledge, and service to installers and DIY enthusiasts around the world.

Christopher, Holly, Jadon, and Cathryn Grouse, Owners of

Justin Young FireFold CEO

Justin, Chief Operating Officer

Joined the FireFold team: 01/2008

★ Why I love FireFold: Growth and Opportunity.

★ Words of Wisdom: Skate or Die!

Will FireFold Director

Will, Director of E-Commerce

Joined the FireFold team: 02/2018

★ Why I love FireFold: Family culture.

★ Words of Wisdom: Live Más!

Chelsea FireFold Customer Service Supervisor

Chelsea, Customer Service Supervisor

Joined the FireFold team: 06/2019

★ Why I love FireFold: Because my boss is always willing (and excited) to fish my car out of a snow filled ditch at 6pm on a Sunday.

★ Words of Wisdom: You did what you did, and that’s all you could do.

Tony FireFold Warehouse Team Lead

Tony, Warehouse Team Lead

Joined the FireFold team: 02/2019

★ Why I love FireFold: Low stress, great staff, involved owners, the camaraderie.

★ Words of Wisdom: Stay humble, love deeply, gtfo.

Jennifer FireFold Sales Account Manager

Jennifer, Sales Account Manager

Joined the FireFold team: 08/2010

★ Why I love FireFold: There’s an amazing harmony between everyone on the team. We complement each other in a way that lets us get things done and still have fun.

★ Words of Wisdom: If the men find out we can shapeshift, they’re going to tell the church.

Matt FireFold Channel Sales Manager

Matt, Channel Sales Manager

Joined the FireFold team: 03/19

★ Why I love FireFold: Owners and management truly care about the well-being of their employees.

★ Words of Wisdom: When there is nothing left to burn – you have to set yourself on fire.

 Emily FireFold Customer Service Representative

Emily, Customer Service Rep

Joined the FireFold team: 04/2021

★ Why I love FireFold: It’s a small company so you are treated like a person instead of just a number.

★ Words of Wisdom: “Don’t sweat the petty things and don’t pet the sweaty things” -George Carlin

 Bri FireFold Customer Service Representative

Bri, Customer Service Rep

Joined the FireFold team: 09/2021

★ Why I love FireFold: I get to learn new things every day.

★ Words of Wisdom: Every day isn’t great, but as long as you’ve given it all that you can, just know that’s better than giving nothing at all.

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