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Rhino Brackets

Rhino Brackets - Trending TV Wall Mounts

The brand Rhino Brackets has been in the market for 11 years. The company is best known for providing professional mounting solutions. The brand manufactures and delivers all types of mounts such as tv wall mounts, table mounts, furniture, video wall mounts, and projector mounts. Moreover, the brand provides mounting products in premium quality so that the residential and commercial world enjoys the best home-AV and pro-AV. All the products at Rhino Brackets are guaranteed to be reliable and long-lasting. The company aims to offer the most modern and innovative mounting products to homeowners and workers, so that they enjoy the most of their special services. The hardworking team of the brand is committed to deliver the best audio and video products and solutions to its customers.

The brand also has a sister company called Rhino Racks. The rhino rack brackets are offered at the site along with roof racks for vehicles.

What Type Of TV Wall Mounts Are Available At Rhino Brackets?
The brand Rhino Brackets offers a wide variety of mounts to provide you with the full entertainment experience at home. Below is the list of the products which are popular at the website.

The fixed tv wall mount from the brand protrudes less than one inch from the wall and gives an impression of sleek and slim design. This low extension of one inch from the wall provides the best viewing angles. The tv wall mount bracket for this type of mounting are compatible with 32-55’’ TVs as well as 37-55’’ TVs. The rhino brackets fixed TV mounts has the ability to hold TVs that weigh up to 88 lbs. this TV wall mounting idea is best for people who do not have much space in the room. The wall mounts offered by the brand have updated ventilation and easy wiring procedure. The simplest tv wall mount types are quick and easy to install, and do not require any electrical work to be done. Also, the tv wall mounts from rhino brackets are made up of top quality steel with powdered coat finishing which makes them reliable as well.

The single stud tv wall mount is mounted upon a single stud which offers more flexibility when the viewer decides a position for their TV. Rhino brackets offers Single Stud Solid Articulating Curved & Flat Panel TV Wall Mount which is deigned to be fitted on both flat and curve TV panel screens. This tv wall mount bracket is capable of pivoting up to 90 degrees which provides a better viewing experience. These wall mounts from rhino brackets can tilt up to 10 degrees in the upward direction and 20 degrees in the downward direction. Which means, that the viewer get to choose the position according to their preference. The singe stud mounts are compatible with TVs having 32” to 55” inches. These brackets from the brand have steel construction with finished coating of black powder. Moreover, the wall mounts have an organized cable management system which ensures that all the wires are concealed at the back of the TV.

This mount from rhino brackets comes with an adjustable pole and a tilting backplate. The wall mount has tilting ability of 5 degrees in the upward direction and 15 degrees in the downward direction. This swiveling is guaranteed to provide optimal angles for viewing. The adjustable ceiling tv mount can fit TV screens from 37”- 65”. The tv wall mount bracket 65 inch has VESA universal compatibility, which means that it is compatible with 600 mm x 400 mm VESA hole patterns. Moreover, it can adjust up to 90 degrees, which makes it the best choice for cathedral ceilings. The adjustable ceiling tv mount is constructed with solid steel with a finishing of scratch resistant properties. This toughened construction of the TV mount makes it durable and the best option for use in commercial buildings such as schools and hospitals.

The Universal Sound Bar Mounting Kit from the brand enables the viewer to mount the sound bar to the TV. Meaning that, there is no need to drill holes in the wall to mount the sounding bar. Rather, you have the opportunity to mount the speakers on to your TV. The sound bars can be mounted at the above or below portion of the TV. The sound bar mounting kit is capable of supporting sound bars that weigh 33 lbs. Moreover, it also has VESA compatibility of up to 600 mm x 400 mm patterns. This kit from the brand is the best solution for people wishing to get the most of the home theater experience.

Can You Hang A Curved TV On A Regular Wall Mount?
The curved screen TVs are known to provide theatre quality with a wide field of view. The curved architecture of these TVs take the natural shape of a person’s eyes, providing the best viewing angles to every viewer in each corner of the room. As compared to the regular flat screen TVs, curved TVs have larger size. Which means, it might not be a good idea to place them on a TV stand. Rather, the better option is to mount them on a wall.

Also, no special curved tv mount is required to mount the curved TVs. Most curved TVs do not require any specific type of wall mounts and brackets. So, the curved tv mounted on wall can be mounted in the same process as that of a regular flat screen TV.

But, there are swivel brackets which are the best selection for curved tv mount. As these brackets enable multiple viewing angles for the curved screen TV. The swivel brackets manufactured by the renowned brand Rhino Brackets are available at Firefold. So, there’s nothing to worry about hanging a curved TV on a regular wall mount, or any other particular bracket.
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