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Insulated Connectors

Are you looking for insulated wire connectors or splices to prevent electrical shorting and arcing that may hamper your equipment's working or even damage and cause failure? Fire Fold features a diverse portfolio, including insulated wire splice connectors and multi-tap electrical connectors that are diligently engineered to prompt easy tap connections, terminations, and inline splices in a wide array of configurations. Touching a bare wire could allow current to flow through a person’s body or into another wire unintentionally. Insulating exists to save you from the hassle! Though a perfect insulator does not exist, our insulated inline splices are tailored using sturdy high-dielectric Rubber or Vinyl coatings. In addition, our hub offers cent percent authentic insulated wire connectors that are professionally assembled and factory-tested to tick all the U.S safety standard measures.

The insulated wire connectors significantly alleviate the time, effort, and workforce needed to manufacture, assemble, and install electrical devices, components, and electrical wirings. They are sealed with an oxide inhibitor; a chemical substance added to prevent corrosion of the metals. The inline splice connectors are designed for use with Aluminum and copper wires. In addition, they can accommodate only one wire per terminal. The plugs are marked with the connector’s maximum wire size for easy identification. The insulated splice facilitates quick reinsert to cater to the changes and overhauls. These insulated multi-tap connectors operate via an insulation displacement mechanism that enables quick splices by automatically connecting two or more wires into an environmentally gel sealed unit. Over a long time, the 100% PVC-coated insulated multi-tap connectors will save your time and money by curtailing the equipment’s downtime.

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