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Cable Management

Why Cable Management Matters

Part of the goal of any home theater is to replicate the truly intimate, immersive experience that you could previously only get at the local cinema - which also happens to be the major reason why cable management is so important. Items like cable ties, a cable cover or even a wire hider not only help you organize the dozens of wires that connect items like stereo receivers, speakers, HDTVs and Blu-ray players together, but they also prevent them from negatively affecting the general decor and design of the room that you've already worked so hard to create.

Likewise, cable management items like cable ties make troubleshooting much easier, as you don't have a mess of tangled wires to deal with every time you need to make some type of adjustment. If you're experiencing sound issues while watching your favorite film, for example, the culprit isn't necessarily the speaker or even the disc. It could be the player, your TV or the wires and cables connecting all of your equipment together - and they'll all require individual testing to get to the root of the problem. If your cables and wires are all properly organized, you don't have to waste time testing a cable that you later discover was totally unrelated to the issue in the first place.

Cable ties also help a great deal in an area that every home theater aficionado will eventually have to deal with: equipment upgrades. If you upgrade your Blu-ray player to a 4K UHD disc player, for example, you don't have to spend time desperately trying to figure out which cable goes to which device or what cord needs to be swapped out for a new one. Everything is neat and tidy, exceptionally easy to access and even easier to keep under control in the long run.

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