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Camera Mounts

Camera Mounts

Just purchasing the camera isn’t enough. There are tons of accessories that you may require, depending on the specificity of the task. Some popular accessories would be bags and memory cards as they are an indispensable need of a cameraman. If your task needs the camera to be hooked in place, you may need additional gear such as clamps and camera mounts. Usually, they are used around the places where it is impractical to put up a tripod. Here we have enlisted different models of camera mounts to help you choose the best option for your cam action. Without delaying any further, let’s get started.

Heckler Wall Mount for Jabra Panacast 3
Made for collaborative video referencing, the Heckler wall mount allows you to hook your PanaCast 2 In place. The mount stays in position indefinitely until the user wants it removed. Unlike other camera mounts, the assembly will hold every piece together firmly. All thanks to its sturdy signature hardware which is made from high-quality steel.
The whole frame is built to last and can withstand exposure to environmental moisture. The product comes with everything for the dry-wall installation — screws, frame, and additional holding anchors. Also, it is one of the adjustable camera mounts, that allows you to manage the depth in the wall.

Heckler PTZ Camera Mount
Convening conferences has never been this easier and all credit goes to Heckler camera mounts. This model doesn’t hold the gadget firmly, but also looks stylish and somewhat resembles a GSI camera mount. It would be a great addition to your conference room.
The mount works for a variety of cameras, including most of the gadgets from Logitech. Unlike the conventional platform models, its complete hides behind the camera, which just looks impressive.
With conventional models, you may need brush plates for adding the wires. But not with this product — it offers a smart cable routing design, allowing you to pass the cable in any direction you want — front or back.

Vaddio In-Wall Camera Mount System
Rather than sticking out of the wall, this frame fits within the concrete. It goes best where the aesthetics of the room matters, for instance, in a conference room, film shooting area, or an art gallery. However, you may have to construct a place for its installation. Make sure you have checked the compatibility before purchasing. This model goes with the Sony BRC series, Vaddio, Cisco, Lifesize, and Sony EVI series.
It gives similar functionality to the GSI junction box but doesn’t actually need something to conceal the wiring. That is because everything is already hidden inside the in-wall mount.

Glide Gear Overhead Camera Pole Mount
If your project includes bird-eye viewing of the scene, then this the best overhead camera mount present out there. It comes with a horizontal camera mount and additional attachments to hold the camera in place. You may need a set of tripods to put together this system.

Vaddio Drop-Down Platform
It wouldn’t be wrong to say that is somewhat like an overhead camera mount that stays in place. The heavy-gauge steel constructed platform holds the camera while hanging from the ceiling. Such camera mounts only work for very particular tasks like conferencing or online classes.
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