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Matrix Switches

Matrix Switches

Technically known as an HDMI multi-input to multi-output switch or an Audio/Video router, a HDMI matrix switch routes signals from multiple AV sources to multiple AV destinations. These matrix switches accept data from a wide array of input devices like cable box, gaming consoles, computers, etc. and port them into different display options including TVs, projectors and monitors.

Deploying a video matrix switch in any system benefits in reducing overall unwanted wiring and saves the total required space. They are also exceptional for cutting the equipment installation budget. As most switches work through a HDMI port, users can achieve resolutions up to 4K with 60 frames per second. Some switches also come with IR remote extension support that allows users to control their connections for a distant location.

HDMI matrix switch has been used massively in entertainment facilities across various platforms. Restaurants and sports bars can stream live matches and TV shows and keep the customers entertained. In theater systems, a video matrix switch can be used for routing AV signals from multiple sources to multiple displays. Apart from revolutionizing the entertainment systems, these switches have also made an immense impact on corporate offices, meeting rooms, education and military organizations. Airports, malls, museums and other public venues have been using matrix switches to display ads on various screens through a single input connection. This digital signage application allows targeted video content to be displayed on different locations engaging a huge number of audiences in real time. Meeting and boardrooms require multiple interconnected laptops/displays during a presentation to keep everyone at the same page. All this can be achieved by plugging the devices into a single HDMI matrix switch.

For the ease of users, matrix switches are available in different layout options and all of them are available at the FireFold store. These setups include

HDMI Matrix 2x2 Switchers

These small HDMI Matrix 2x2 are ideal for home and small enterprise usage. They have two HDMI input and to HDMI output ports and functions similar to larger switches but at a smaller and economical space.

HDMI Matrix 4x4 Switchers

With four inputs and four outputs, HDMI matrix 4x4 switches are mostly found in home entertainment and theater systems. They are also used in small retail shops, restaurants and bars. HDMI 4x4 Matrix is the best HDMI matrix in this category that also offers IR remote extension function for ultimate control.

HDMI Matrix 8x8 Switchers

HDMI Matrix 8x8 switch is the most popular type of matrix switches. With a generous number of input and output ports, users can install them for large-scale usage like in corporate boardrooms, control centers, hotels, schools and universities. BZBGEAR 8x8 HDMI video switch is amongst the top-rated switcher that comes with IR extension and is perfect for eye-catching video display of up to 4k at 60fps.

At FireFold store, there are several other matrix switches layouts available with different specs at different price points suited for small home usage as well as large corporate businesses.

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