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Network Cable Connectors

Extremely versatile in utility, these cable connectors assist network cables in increasing performance over longer distances. They pass along the information along their length, taking it where it needs to be. To achieve this, one needs to make the right connections. For this purpose, network cable connectors are the perfect devices. These connectors help the cables to connect to other network devices. With the right network cable connector, you can connect your network device to other network devices.

For perfect network transmission, the cable run needs to terminate into a connector, and that connector jacks into the plug. At Firefold, we have got the right devices and connector equipment. We have RJ-45 cable connectors as well as RJ-45 connector Cat6 cable compatible. We also deal with fiber adapters for fiber optic cables of high-quality brands. At Firefold, you will find multiple configurations with easy installation methods.

RJ-45 Connector Cat6

The Registered Jack-45 or RJ-45 connector is 8 wire connectors compatible for Cat5 and Cat6 cables. The Cat6 RJ-45 connector is specifically used to connect computers to a local area network (LAN), specifically Ethernet LANs. These are connected over the Category 6 cables. Our selection of Cat6 RJ-45 connectors support 24 to 26 AWG round or flat network cables. Contacts are gold-plated, providing reliable and fast performance while also resisting corrosion.. Our selection is not limited to Cat6 connectors, we also provide the best Cat5e RJ-45 connectors.

Ethernet Connectors RJ-45

Ethernet networks are commonplace in both domestic and professional environments. Physical alternative to wireless or Wi-Fi networks, ethernet connections between devices are made with ethernet connectors RJ-45. Our collection of these connectors enables a more reliable, stable, and interference-free connection. It also offers the potential for faster data transfer speeds than wireless in most cases and prevents interception of sensitive data by hackers.

Fiber Adapter

Fiber adapters are used for single-mode and multimode fiber-optic cables. Our collection offers extremely precise positioning of the fiber-optic cable with the transmitter's optical source emitter and receiver's optical detector. The product is developed to allow better and firm connections, thus increasing your overall experience.

The RJ-11 connector plug allows you to seamlessly share data between interconnected devices at home and at work. With only 2 of the 6 available connection points, the RJ11 plug supports limited-bandwidth applications. Share out data with and from PCs and laptops, smart TVs, mobile phones, games consoles, media servers, printers, and so on. Our selection of top-quality network cable connector brands will give you the best network system experience. Find your perfect fit by exploring our collection.

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