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Cat5E Bulk Cable


What is a Cat5e Ethernet Cable?

For those of you out there who are still a little confused about the technological advancements taking place around us all the time, let’s be clear about what a cat5e cable really is first. It is basically a type of ethernet cable. An ethernet cable is an extremely commonly used network cable and is meant to be used basically on a wired network. These cables are extremely useful accessories to possess whether you need it for home or even for a large business environment.

Ethernet cables are of various different types and in different ways they act to perform one basic function, to connect wired devices to a local network together. What this does is that it adds immense ease and convenience in terms of gaining internet access over multiple devices or even if you want to share various files between devices. These functions are incredibly vital to perform on a day to day basis especially in a business establishment which is why a cat5e internet cable is a very important part of the technology industry. The different variations of ethernet cables include the Cat1, Cat2, Cat3, Cat4, Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a, Cat7 as well as Cat8. The The cat5e cable ensures the provision of a performance of up to a 100 MHz and can be specifically used for a 10BaseT, 100BaseT and a 1000BaseT, so it basically possesses specifications of a higher level than the Cat5 cable itself but is very similar to it. The bulk cat5e cable performs the ethernet cable functioning very well and at higher data speeds which is why it is admired by many technology experts.

The Cat5e Cable at FireFold

We all know what a taxing situation it can be when one of your technological accessories such as the cat5e ethernet cable malfunctions or becomes faulty. This can add a strain in the various functions such as inter device connectivity as well as a union connection of multiple devices to the internet. Due to this inconvenient situation, various obstacles start arising in your smooth flowing work whether you’re performing it from the comfort of your home or from your workplace which is obviously not an instance anybody wishes to encounter. This is why you should always have a trusty and reliable outlet to provide you with such techno-savvy accessories and cables whenever you require them so you don’t have to face such frustrating situations and feel like you’re in a hopeless rut. This is where we play our roles as we have got a huge and diverse variety to cater to the technological needs of our precious customers. We ensure supreme quality and great variety when it comes to our products. Amongst our varying array of items we also provide our clients with the cat5e cable. Now whether it’s the bulk cat5e cable you’re looking for, the shielded cat5e cable you desire or even if you wish to be provided with a weatherproof cat5e cable just for that extra support, we are the perfect place for you. Lets talk about some examples from the cat5e ethernet cable variety here.

The Bulk Cat5e Cable items at FireFold

Firstly, one of our best-sellers in this category is the NetStrand 1000ft Solid Cat 5E Cable, this product is incredibly convenient and is made with high standard premium quality copper material. Apart from this you can choose from a variety of colors that this cable comes in. Another one of our very famous products from this category is the Vertical Cable 1000ft Solid Cat 5E Cable, this is an excellent cable that is also constructed using premium grade copper material and possesses the same specifications as the cable mentioned above. This product of ours is given a stunning 4-star rating. This speaks volumes about the amazing performance of the product. There’s a lot more where that came from and it is safe to say that Firefold is a reliable outlet for bulk cat5e cable shopping.

The Shielded Cat5e Cable and Weatherproof Cat5e Cable Products at FireFold

The importance of the cat5e ethernet cable is evident to us all and its always a better option to go for the shielded or weatherproof option in the cat5e cable variety for a more long-standing service. The “Vertical Cable Cat5E Plenum Cable Solid Shielded 1000ft 24AWG STP Bare Copper 350MHz” is a great example to start with. With an impressive average 4-star rating this is an incredibly convenient technological accessory and wiring like this would be good to last you a long time. The Vertical Cable 1000ft Solid Direct Burial Cat 5E Cable is an admirable item from the weatherproof variety and will provide you with the great cable functioning even in harsh weather conditions which is always an admirable feature.

Firefold the Company and Our Remarkable Service

We are a hearty company who strive for excellence in terms of customer service for our trusty customers. Firefold started out as a small business between a husband and wife and now after gaining the trust and respect of various happy clients we have evolved into a large-scale business of the techno-savvy industry. We provide top of the line technology products because we understand how tricky it can be to lose access to our various smart accessories. We consist of a smart team of 30 technology experts, installers and technicians who all work together in a large warehouse to come up with such technological accessories that work to make your life all the more better and bring ease into your lives in terms of modernized technology. We work to ensure great provision of our unparalleled products and services to the various installers and DIY fanatics around the world. Among our diverse range of such products is the well renowned and ever so useful cat5e cable. The Category 5 enhanced cable (cat5e ethernet cable) here is guaranteed to defy your expectations regarding its functioning and exceeds even the market standards of this product. So, for anyone looking for such techno accessories, we at Firefold have got the bulk cat5e cable, cat5e internet cable, shielded cat5e cable and weatherproof cat5e cable ready to be of service to you among various other such items as well. Our products comprise of the highest standards in terms of qualities. Such great qualities not many outlets can ensure.

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