Bulk Cable

Bulk Alarm Security Cable
Bulk cable for longer runs and more extensive security applications.
Bulk Coaxial Cable
RG6 and RG59 bulk coax cable in 500' and 1000' boxes.
Bulk Cat3 Cable
Boxes and spools of Cat3 cable for RJ11 and RJ12 connections.
Bulk Cat5E Cable
Cat5E networking cable including solid, shielded, plenum, and more.
Bulk Cat6 Cable
1000ft boxes of Cat6 solid, shielded, plenum, and outdoor cable.
Bulk Cat6A Cable
23 AWG Cat6A bulk cable in CMR and plenum.
Bulk Speaker Wire
Unterminated rolls of standard, outdoor, and in-wall speaker wire.

For any large networking project, bulk cables are an essential component. With a large selection of different cables in various lengths and colors, FireFold’s inventory of bulk cables has just what you need for your next networking project.

If you are faced with a more advanced networking installation where a higher bandwidth is required, then the Cat6 bulk cable is ideal. The Category 6 (Cat6) cable is a twisted pair network cable used for carrying data signals at speeds of up to 550MHz of bandwidth. The cables are usually wrapped in a sturdy PVC jacket and are built to withstand high levels of stress of pulling and pushing.

For ease of use, the cable can be packaged in a box, making it easy to pull through and keeping the cable free of kinks and knots as you install. If even more bandwidth is required, the Cat6a cables are ideal.

Category 5 bulk cable is also available, which is considered the industry standard for any networking project. Category 3 bulk cable is often used today for purposes such as alarm system installs and two-line phone configurations, and it is ideal for low-data installations.

In addition to networking cables, alarm security cable, coaxial cable, and speaker wire are all available in bulk sizes as well.

All cables meet industry standards and are built to last. We offer same day shipping, expert customer service, and hassle-free returns. Plus, on FireFold branded cables, we offer a lifetime warranty.