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Committed to Solving your In-house and outdoor Networking Problems

Welcome to the house of networking solutions. Known for our premium quality service delivery and tech aid, we rank as a top performer in the industry. We offer expertise in gauging customer needs to accordingly align product functionality. Displaying the best intentions in the E-retailing sector, we combine reputation and affordability to bring reliable bulk cables from tech world gurus to your doorstep. Founded in 2005, Firefold is committed to bringing networking solutions to your doorstep. Esteeming quality and prioritizing customer needs, our award-winning service is worth experiencing. We are dedicated to helping knowledge seekers, DIY networking enthusiasts, service installers and tech giants. We pride ourselves on serving as one of the top 500 E-retailers in the US, while embarking on a journey of making technology accessible and affordable. Stop by for bulk cable options to fit your purpose while keeping it impressively simple and low priced.


The category 5 variant 5e bulk cable is the ultimate answer to Ethernet distortion queries. The 1.5-2 twists per cm of the wire hold remarkable capacity for signalling. Being able to deliver up to 100MHz frequency, this twisted pair of cable is tremendously reliable for long and short distance computer networking. Firefold’s Cat5e cable 1000ft is the best choice when looking for speed support up to 1000 Mbps. The 5e bulk cable is a PVC transmitter best known for its precise interface specifications. Cat5e is recommended for high-speed LANs such as Gigabit Ethernet applications due to outstanding performance in transmission over all pairs.


Phenomenal for bandwidth less than 164 feet, the Cat6 bulk cable 1000ft consists of four pairs of copper wires aiming to provide fool-proof quality ethernet signalling. The Cat6 bulk cable supports up to 10 Gbps and frequencies of up to 250 MHz. Having more than 2 twists/cm the bulk cables of Cat6, are capable of enhancing signal transmission capacity greatly. The expertly designed Cat6 plenum 1000ft bulk cable has an exemplary thicker sheath. It protects against Near End Crosstalk (NEXT) and provides support against Alien Crosstalk (AXT), critical in networking.


The category 7 are one step ahead of the Cat6 plenum 1000ft ethernet cables in ensuring least crosstalk and distortion. Particularly useful for modems and ISPs (Internet Service Providers), the Cat7a bulk cable is one of the newest to hit the market and redeem popularity for its efficiency in the tech world. This bulk cable can be the right choice for the tech giants dealing with the pressure of delivering in real time.


In an attempt to scale industrial applications, the category 8a Bulk cable sets new records of speed and frequency. To cater to the constant need of networking and undying applicability of ethernet cables, the 8a cat bulk cable offers upto up to 2GHz(2000 MHz) frequency. Unfolding an all new era of speed, efficiency and widely applicable functionality, the Cat8a bulk cables are one of Frirefold’s best offerings.


Made with ultra-thin strands of top-notch quality glass or quartz particles, fiber optic bulk cable is surrounded by a glass coating of slightly lower refractive index. Fiber optic bulk cable is the choice of individuals looking for a reliable, fool-proof and especially designed guided medium for transmitting an optical signal over long distances. With quality core, expert cladding and premium buffer coating, fiber optic bulk cable is great for light pipe usage in medical and optical examination, transmission of telecom signals both in-house and outdoor. Its usage for transmittal of two dimensional pictures, as photometric sensors, and refractometers has been ranked excellent by customers.


We know exactly what the party-animal generation today needs. Having a keen interest in making entertainment easy and available, it deals in bulk speaker wires compatible with surround sound systems and outdoor audio devices. While we are known to be providing the best bulk cat6 cable, we don't limit ourself to ethernet cables only. Currently, we have a wide range of bulk speaker wires ranging from standard and indoor to outdoor and flat wires are available. Not only is the motto to stay committed to solving your networking problems but aiding entertainment devices connections over huge distances.


A growing need for security implies an increase in prices for security system accessories. Amidst the spike in both demand and cost, we remain devoted to offering premium quality bulk alarm security cable at affordable prices. The bulk alarm security cable varieties are designed by experts to ensure long-distance coverage along with durability and quick signalling. Insulated with the finest materials, these cables are the best choice of those in search of security solutions.


We don’t abandon you when it comes to hassle free in-house and outdoor networking. With varying options of reversible, brush, and recessed cable plates, we have a number of wall plate options to keep your wiring intact and easily accessible. Bulk cable wall plates aid installers in their endeavor to avoid unwanted wires hanging out from walls. In addition, the bulk cable wall plates are carefully designed to cater to the aesthetic need for concealed wiring in homes. The high-quality bulk cable wall plates offer appropriate openings, large enough to accommodate all kinds of bulk cables while also ensuring easy pull through of multiple wires at once.


There is perhaps nothing more supportive of the information communication than a conductor containing coax bulk cable. The coax cables are found in all homes and offices due to their ability to transmit radio signals critical for everyday functioning as even WiFi routers rely on it. With our products, we make all out efforts to bridge the gap between industry and consumers. Additionally, we strive to create a platform where tech giants ends meets the user ends. In doing so, it is ensured that the quality service delivery, apt functionality, affordability and long-term customer loyalty is not compromised. All of this starts with providing the best solutions to radio signals transmission for which coax bulk cable quality assurance is prioritized. We inspect varieties of coax cables before delivering you the premium quality noise resistant ones, capable of maintaining least loss of signals status.


Why let the darkness prevail when Lutron lighting cables can help you illuminate every space? We bring you the most durable Lutron bulk cables, suitable for both indoor and outdoor lighting set-ups. In addition to the popular low voltage landscape bulk cables, the Lutron cables are apt for shade control.

Whether a need for reliable thermostat cable arises or a combination cable seems to be the fix for your multiple gadget connection issue, we have it all. Bringing the best together, this all-under-one-roof retailer is at your service, ready to solve your networking problems all day - everyday!!!

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