Fixed television brackets for basic low profile installations. Best for eye-level mounting.
Downward tilting television wall mounts. Great above fireplaces and entertainment centers.
TV wall brackets that extend, tilt, swivel, and turn. Most flexible option, perfect for corners.
Manual, motorized, and commercial television brackets for ceiling installations.
Articulating TV mounts recessed into the wall for an ultra-slim profile.
Remote controlled motorized TV mounts for the wall, ceiling, and entertainment center.
TV Stands and Carts, great for business presentations, school applications and digital signage.
Tilt and full motion wall mounts for computer monitors and small televisions.
Some of the leading names in the industry. Keep your expensive equipment in good hands (or mounts).
Shop speaker and soundbar mounts for wall and ceiling installations.
Stationary or mobile desk, wall, and headrest mounts for touchscreen tablets.
Additional hardware and accessories that may be needed for non-standard installations.
Stack your home theater components with an adjustable shelf mount.

If you have a home theater setup, you should consider mounts for your TV and other devices. Mounts are a good way to display your electronics without having to invest in a stand, which could get hit and cause your device to fall over or get damaged.

There are many types of TV mounts to consider. For a basic, no-frills installation, consider a fixed mount. As the name implies, the mount is in a fixed position and works well for positioning a TV at eye level.

A tilting mount tilts downward and works well above entertainment centers and fireplaces. Full motion ones do more than tilt. They also extend outward, swivel, and turn. Their flexibility makes them ideal for corners.

In-wall mounts are installed into the wall to provide a slim profile. A motorized mount allows you to control everything through a remote for ease of use. A ceiling mount is also something to consider, especially if you have limited wall space. These mounts drop down and can be manual or motorized.

A swivel design is a recommended feature since it makes it easier to adjust the TV so you can comfortably view it from your couch or recliner. Some mounts also come with shelving units, which can provide storage for Blu-ray players and other components and accessories.

There are also monitors available for other electronic devices. You can mount tablets, speakers, monitors, and projectors to keep them off the ground and secured on the wall or ceiling. By mounting your electronics, you prevent them from getting damaged or lost.