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Klein Tools 44131 Folding Utility Knife

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The Folding Box Cutter You Need When You Need it the Most

Oftentimes, being prepared means having access to the right tool for the right job at exactly the right time. You don't just need something functional - you need something durable to stand up to whatever life happens to throw at you. You need something compact enough to carry with you wherever you go. You need something that is easy and safe to use in any situation, guaranteeing the level of flexibility you want with the versatility you demand.

All of this, of course, means that you need the Klein Tools 44131 Folding Utility Knife whether you realize it or not.

The Klein 44131 is more than just another Klein box cutter - it's one of the only tools you'll ever need to make sure that you're prepared for anything and everything at a moment's notice. The included high quality, triple ground blades are designed to stay sharp longer - allowing you to adequately rise up to the demands of today without worrying about whether or not you remembered to replace those blades tomorrow, next week or beyond.

Replacement BladesEven when you do need to order replacement blades, doing so is simple - we offer the exact model you need that are available right away. Replacement blades are also built with heavy use in mind and are intended to last longer, so this is certainly not likely to be the type of issue you have to address on anything even approaching a regular basis.

The heavy duty and ultra durable construction also goes a long way towards making sure that this product will be around for a long time, standing by your side for years to come. The rubber grips on the handle are specifically designed to guarantee not only a superior level of control, but also unbeatable comfort as well. And of course, the effortless push button easily opens and closes the blade - allowing it to truly snap into action at a moment's notice.

Of course, the Klein box cutter also stands up in another way that matters a great deal - it offers the type of compact nature that you're unlikely to find anywhere else. The closed length of the folding box cutter is just 4 and 1/8th inches, or roughly 105 mm. The overall length with the blade is just 4 and 1/2 inches, or about 114 mm. When you also consider that the total weight is just 0.27 lb, it's certainly the type of product that you can store in your bag or even your pocket and forget about until the time comes when you really need it. At which point, of course, it will be there for you.

For years, Klein Tools has worked hard to make a name for itself as one of the highest quality manufacturers of tools and other items anywhere in the country today. The Klein Tools 44131 Folding Utility Knife is just another in a long, long line of examples of the company's continued commitment to excellence - one that certainly proves that the brands customer-facing approach to business, much like its tools, "just work."


  • Push Button to Easily Open and Close
  • High Quality, Triple Ground Blades Stay Sharp Longer
  • Rubber Grips on Handle for Improved Control and Comfort
  • Heavy-Duty Durable Construction


  • Length Closed: 4-1/8" (105mm)
  • Overall Length with Blade: 4-1/2" (114mm)
  • Weight: 0.27lb
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Can I buy replacement blades for this knife?

Yes! We offer the replacement blades when you need to restock.