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Work Safety Essentials

Work Safety Essentials

Safe workspace is attributed to intense planning and effort. A key element of workplace safety is the availability of equipment that keeps workers safe and protected. While there are many essentials that mean to serve the purpose, our high-quality work safety essentials are designed to bring comfort with protection. Aiming to provide a secure work environment, we at Firefold bring you the safety essentials online, at your access. With our safety essentials kit, there is no doubt of being secure at the workplace.
Our safety kits will also provide your company with a competitive edge. Our easy to use safety essentials are a must have to secure your businesses without extra costs. Not only this, we offer the best construction safety equipment as well as the best budget gaming headset enriched with security and protection. So, wait no further, and dive into our intricate safety product line to pick yours today.

Quest Surge Protector

Quest surge protector are the filters of power that reduce and remove the distortion to increase audio and video system’s output. Our intricately picked collection consists of systems with 6 outlets that are optimized for maximum pleasure. A strength so high to cater woofers and subwoofers, these surge protectors are everything you would need. Available in a variety of power modes and panels, these protectors are hard to be replaced.

GSI Waterproof Camera

Our GSI waterproof camera is an action camera that can be attached safely with helmets for increased efficiency. Record in real time and directly upload the videos on social media, these waterproof cameras have more to offer. Easy to be sought and affordable, the waterproof camera is sure to protect your professional work or personal memories. With this, you are sure to never miss a second of action. That too without any worry of the camera’s body. Lithium battery that spends 6.5 hours, and an 8 GB SD card that can be easily installed. These cameras are designed and selected for your ease.

Morris Safety Glasses

Able to be worn over prescription glasses, Morris safety glasses will make you view protection from a different angle. Equipped with panoramic frame and lens with wide vision and enhanced UV protection. A brow guard and anti-glare glasses coupled with spatula temples that also protects the sides. These lightweight yet high-impact safety glasses offer comfort and safety together. These safety glasses are suitable to be worn at construction sites or at hazardous places. Protection with elegant design and build, our selection will give you the perfect protected vision. These safety spectacles are a must have workplace security essentials.

Klein Cooling Towel

Cool yourself down after hard or strenuous work with the finest Klein cooling towel. Designed with a PVA material soft as a feather and absorbent as a sponge. These fine towels will retain the moisture while also ensuring a cooler ambience. Easy to carry and maintain, these towels are the wish granted for hard workers. Equipped with cooling technology, these towels activate in moments. The advanced technology of these cooling towels keeps cool for hours. The benefits do not end here. These towels are multiuse and can be reactivated throughout the day.

Klein Scissors

The exclusive Klien scissors are specially designed for telecom and electrical purposes. These sharp and easy to use scissors can cut wires, cords, and cables. These scissors are able to cut 19 and 23 AWG wires. Weighed in ability with strip notches on the blades for a smoother cutting action. Developed with high-quality material and plated with nickel, these scissors are corrosion resistant. These premium scissors get the job done with precision and are durable. With security infused with protective materials used to develop, these scissors ensure protection. The strong steel that ensures no-stains adds to the delight of these scissors.

Morris Reflective Vest

The Morris reflective vest for safety are designed to protect at worksites. The fluorescent blaze fused with nylon mesh and a two-inch tape front and back of the vest that is reflective. It all ensures maximum visibility for safety reasons. These vests are lightweight as well as durable enough to retain harshest weather. A one size fit for all; these vests come in adjustable hooks. Closure at the front and elastic straps on both the sides, these orange safety vests can bind to an individual easily. Experience worksite safety with comfort and reliability with Morris reflective vest. This is a must have construction safety equipment.

GSI Smoke Detector Camera

The GSI smoke detector camera is able to detect smoke and motion with or without Wi-Fi. Equipped with night vision, the camera records in HD video. Able to detect the motion and the smoke around 6 meters to its site of installation. With a support of up to 32 GB micro SD card, this smoke detector camera is a perfect choice. The camera is programmed to loop record video so that not even seconds are missed. Enriched with HD 1080p wide angle, the camera can also record the happenings in high definition. The videos are stamped and so makes it even more secure. The camera detects smoke and starts the alarm system. It can relate to door alarms for enhanced security.

Gardner Bender Repair Tape

Repair the imperfections with premium Gardner Bender repair tape. Used to insulate surfaces and hide imperfections, the tape is multipurpose. It seals the higher and lower temperature surfaces perfectly ensuring maximum security. This repair tape magically seals the area to be watertight, no matter the temperature. Within 24 hours of application, the tape forms a permanent bond with the surface that is hard to be broken. Mostly used for insulation purposes, this tape helps in ensuring workplace security. Hence, it is also one of the important workplace security essentials. Non-slippery and higher grip, the tape is available in different materials depending upon its use.
No matter how big or small, every organization’s employee has the right to be felt safe and secure. Whether you own a business or manage a department, your experience at the workplace will change with our safety kits. Not only will workplace security essentials help you to ensure safety of employees but will also boost their morale. Buy our budget friendly safety essential kits today.
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