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Work From Home

Work From Home

The year 2020 has been challenging for the entire world. Our life has changed drastically in so many aspects. Despite that we felt unprepared at that time, we can now prepare ourselves for a future. The pandemic has been challenging for businesses. Working around the world shifted to working from home. It has been challenging for companies to adjust. Working from home requires specific equipment to make this experience all the better.

In today’s world technology, equipment, and resources are in abundance. However, finding the best tools useful for remote learning is the key. There is an essential need to have the required tools for both the parents and the teachers. It may be overwhelming since such a method did not exist on such a large scale earlier. Meaningful resources to make education available for every student is at priority. For this purpose, the devices need to be maintained as well. This is where Firefold will benefit you!

In lieu of the current situation, we at Firefold have brought you distance learning tools 2020 to make learning fun and amazing. Our selection consists of tools needed to maintain your devices as well as making homeschooling fun. While our tools were previously deemed luxurious, these are now a necessity for both the parents and the teachers. Our carefully selected collection consists of remote learning equipment for teachers and parents that are best for home schools. We figured our expertise is needed in these trying times and so we have the best of these equipment. From display adapters to HDMI cables to the cooling pads for laptops, we have you covered. Dive in deeper to learn more of our collection and pick yours today.

HDMI 2.0 Cable
Connect your child’s classroom to any screen without signal loss with ease. Our expert recommended HDMI 2.0 cables’ collection will take care of your requirements. With no external power requirements and plug and use options, connect your child’s class to any screen you like. An HD display and a slim cable length and width will make you own these cables forever. A suitable length of cable, up to 30 meters enable access to far away places at home. Developed with the finest fiber, these cables are 70% thinner and lighter than the copper ones. Moreover, the material used ensures safety so you can put them with your children. Compatible with HDTV, projectors, Xbox, 360 PlayStation, Cable Box or any device with an HDMI output interface. Bring the virtual classrooms to life with our HDMI cables.

Cooling Pads for Laptops
Hours of classes on laptops are bound to heat it up. Lucky for you that at Firefold, we have thought ahead of these issues. Our amazing collection of cooling pads for laptops and notebooks will cater to heat up issues. Our selection includes cooling pads with dual fans that generate cool air to keep your machine efficiently running. Our best remote learning equipment also prevents any overheating damage. Not only does it protect the laptop but also your lap from the heat. Equipped with rubber grips, you don’t have to worry about your child’s safety. Ideal for travel and of course the management of portable devices for a long term.

Mini DVI To HDMI Adapter
Connect a mini display port or a computer or even tablet to the HDMI HDTV, projector or any other screen. Use our mini DVI to HDMI adapter to add life to your virtual classes. Our collection makes the connection easy while also providing high-definition video and audio. The gold-plated cable is convenient for the said purpose. Our cables ensure high performance, long lasting strength, and optimal transfer of signals. It's done so by a combination of gold-plated connectors that are resistant to corrosion. The electromagnetic interference is also minimized through copper conductors and foil shielding. The easy to mount designs and secure grips provide ease of plugging as well as unplugging. Our collection makes a quick, easy and high definition connection.

USB To HDMI Adapter
Do not worry if your device does not have a HDMI port. Use our expert recommended USB to HDMI adapter to convert your USB ports to HDMI outputs. With the promise of providing high resolution video, these are the best choices. The adapter is a convenient solution to video while also adding multi monitor capability to USB ported desktop or laptop. Convert your USB3.0 to HDMI adapter with our selection today. The optimal output using this adapter makes it a must have. Coupled with higher bandwidth and super speed, these adapters will make remote learning fun. Moreover, it also functions as an external graphics card thus delivering high-definition display of content. This is one of the best remote learning equipment. The adapter can also mirror the desktops, showing the same images and thus increasing productivity and learning.

J5create Mini Dock
Our expert recommended selection of J5create mini dock acts as a dual monitor display for your laptop. At the USB 3.0 port, you can add an additional display to your laptop. It eradicates the need for expensive video cards. Simply load the display by plugging the dock to the laptop and then plugging the cables with the j5create hdmi display adapter. This intricate selection supports three viewing modes including the primary, extended, and mirroring mode. With these three modes you can open individual applications on each monitor. You can also extend the display of your laptop to multiple screens. Moreover, you can also clone your screens for an extended experience. It not only increases your productivity but is also a great virtual learning tool. Create a new visually stimulating remote learning environment.

Adesso Xtream H5
Being able to listen to the instructions during remote learning is important. Our expert picked Adesso Xtream H5 Multimedia Headset comes with a microphone making communication effective and lavish. The jack works with all mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. The 3.5mm adapter makes it a plug and play while also providing effective listening and speaking experience. Buy yours today for a high-level experience.
It is indeed challenging to make distance learning work for all the students. At Firefold, we provide the best distance learning tools for teachers and remote learning tools for parents. Pick your remote learning equipment today for an elevated experience.
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