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Video & Mounting

Video Cables and Wall Mounting Products

Maintaining your home’s sleek aesthetics revolves around where and how the electronics are displayed. Some ultra-modern designs look best when mounted on walls, whereas others complement the environment with a flashy stand. The former is the new-fashion and has somewhat become paramount, considering our less-spacious living spaces.

Further, the accessories that go side by side with electronics are the wires, which come in a myriad of shapes, sizes, and functionality. Figuring out which goes for what purposes is indeed a strenuous task, especially when you have no prior experience in this area. Luckily, here we have rounded up some information regarding video & mounting products to elucidate and help you have a clearer picture. So, let’s dig in.

Video & Mounting Products
TVs started off as humongous boxes jampacked with electronic components and evolved into highly slender flat HD screens. These latest inventions aren’t just meeting your voguish demands but are also compact and easy to place. The same goes for every other electronic device you have ever come across. Mounts are introduced to portably hook them in place, turning a wall or any corner into a highly sophisticated media panel that’s out of the way.

Mount Types:
A wide array of video & mounting products exists for electronics of all kinds. But here we are going to throw light on some of the most prevalent ones:
Monitor Mounts: As the name vividly suggests, these video & mounting products reinforce monitors and fix them stock-still. The design usually incorporates a swiveling arm, smart cable management, and fluid tilting components for extensive viewing angles.
Wall Mount for Tv: They are simple wall brackets that are hooked with any flat modern tv, creating a home cinematic experience. When attached, they just poke out a few millimeters from the wall, providing an ultra-slim footprint.
Projector video & mounting products: For perfect light projection, the projectors require ceiling mounts to work at appropriate angles. Hence, these mounts are an indispensable need for optimal illumination.
TV ceiling video & mounting products: In case of insufficient wall space, ceiling video & mounting products allow you to utilize the ceiling for hanging your TV firmly in any stance you want.

Best Video Mount Products to Fasten Your Electronics
Rhino Brackets Articulating Curved and Flat TV Wall Mounts for Tv 37-70
When it comes to tightly holding your gadgets in place, this wall mount is a rugged performer. Designed to go with both flat and curved TVs, Rhino tv mounting bracket is a cut above the other models in terms of all-around versatility and flexibility. Any TV weighing 110 lbs., and with size between 37-70 inches can rest smoothly on these brackets.

• Material: steel
• Upward title: 10-degree
• Downward tilt: 20-degree
• Swiveling: 90-degree
• Compatibility: 37-70" TVs

Vanco Low Profile 23" - 42" TV Tilt Mounts
Confidently leave your valuable TVs on this well-built bracket for an indefinite hold. These wall mounts for tv 23-42 can be tilted in a north-south manner to minimize the blinding glares of ultra-HD TVs.
It fits almost seamlessly on the wall and comes with an adjustment screw for optimum fit. Entangling video cables for tv will not be much of an issue with these brackets as they possess an effective cable management design.

• Dimensions: 21.5″ w x 9.92″ h x 1.1″ d
• Magnetic bubble level included
• Super low-profile design
• Built-in safety lock
• Display compatibility: 23 to 42 inches
• VESA compliant (100 x 100 and 400 x 400)
• Load capacity: 44 lbs.
• Includes mounting hardware
• Tilt degree: 0 to 14
• Ul listed

Rhino Brackets Universal Sound Bar Mounting Kit
Drilling holes into the wall is something we run away from, not just because of added effort, but also for preventing the enormous mess. We present you with a one-time solution — Rhino Brackets Universal Sound Bar Kit — for mounting your sound bar firmly to the TV. You can place the speaker either on the bottom or even on the top. But remember the frame only supports weight up to 33 lbs. and overweighing can easily falter even the sturdiest mounts.

• Dimensions: 18 x 6.2 x 0.04"
• Material: steel construction
• Mount compatibility: top and bottom

Rhino Brackets Lockable Tilting TV Wall Mount Bracket
Your precious screens deserve a Rhino Bracket mount that securely claps them, allowing you to enjoy the home-cinema worry-freely. The frame is built to last and go with TVs ranging from 37 to 70 inches. With the mounting hardware, the installation is a breeze, even when you have no experience with video & mounting products.

• Wall distance: 2.1 inches
• Compatibility: 37-70 inches Tv
• Max weight capacity: 176 lbs.
• Adjustable tilt: 10 degrees downward and five-degree upward

Present-day electronics rely greatly on advanced cables, serving distinct purposes, which are tricky to understand. The plethora of types and diversity is almost overwhelming, especially for noobs. Don’t worry we have most of them covered here in this section.

HDMI Cables
High Definition Multimedia Interface or simply HDMI is amongst the most popular HD signal transmitting wires for high-quality video and audio.
They are frequently used in homes for connecting a wide range of devices like BlueRay player, PlayStation, Xbox, DVD player, and TVs. In case your device doesn’t support HDMI, you can go for an alternative USB to HDMI for tv.

HDMI To USB Converter Cable
When all the HDMI ports are occupied or simply absent, you can easily turn any free USB port into an HDMI output. It allows you to add an extra display or connect the devices with the computer having no HDMI ports.

VGA Cable
VGA cables serve the sole purpose of displaying computer graphics onto a device. One connector goes on the computer, while the other in the display apparatus. Sometimes you may need a VGA to USB convertor to solve the compatibility issue.

Type C USB Cable
Since the recently invented type-c cable transfers data at a higher pace, brands are quickly incorporating this tech into their latest all their products. At present, it is included in smartphones, laptops, tablets, and other smart devices. It is replacing the outdated USB standards, with something more powerful and efficient.
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