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NetStrand Bulk Cable

NetStrand Bulk Cable

Networking applications require suitable network cables for maximum results, and we at Firefold are well aware of this. Therefore, our collection of NetStrand long Ethernet cable is highly versatile. Here, you will come across various types of bulk cables that will cater to your needs without fail. Some of the best options for NetStrand bulk cable that we offer include

Cat6 plenum 1000ft
This is suited for every network application wherein a plenum-rated network cable is required. It comes quite handy for extensive networking installations and is provided with a flame retardant PVC jacket.
This NetStrand Long Ethernet cable is specifically designed for the cable runs that are laid in air plenums. Some examples of this include air handling ducts and raised flooring systems, among others. Additionally, the plenum jackets produce much less smoke compared to the traditional PVC jackets.
Cat6 plenum 1000ft is designed to ensure simple installation. It works well for those settings wherein multiple bends and twists have to be avoided in the line. Bulk cable is typically used in intervals and has to be otherwise stored. This one comes in a box that ensures optimal protection of the cable. The simple pull-through design ensures that your bulk cable doesn't develop knots and kinks as it's pulled out of the box.

Cat6 plenum cable specifications
· Equipped with four-conductor pairs
· Has the size of 23 AWG
· Solid stranding
· The conducting material is made from solid annealed bare copper
· The insulation material is made from a polymer alloy
· Equipped with a ripcord
· The overall diameter of insulation is 0.037 inches
· The average thickness of insulation is 0.0088 inches

Quad shielded coaxial cable
This one is designed for high-grade Ethernet networking. Some applications of this NetStrand long Ethernet cable include Digital HDTC, CATV, and digital satellite installations, among others. Four shields form part of it, including two braided aluminum wire shields and two aluminum foil shields. The Quad Shielded coaxial cable is provided with gas-injected foam polyethylene insulation along with a black PVC jacket.
It is also provided with a 500ft pull box to ensure that dispensing is easy. It is thoroughly sweep tested, and you also get a year of manufacturer warranty.

Quad shielded coaxial cable specifications
· The conductor is made with 18AWG copper-clad steel
· 4.57mm foamed PE forms the insulation
· The first shield is Aluminum/PET Foil Bonded, while the second one is 60% 0.16x4x16 Aluminum Wire. The third shield is Aluminum/PET Foil, and 40% 0.16x3x16 Aluminum Wire forms the fourth shield.
· Has a DC Resistance of ≤120Ω/km while the normal capacitance is 52±2pf/m

Solid shielded cat5e cable
This one works for those Ethernet networking applications where extensive installation is required. It is wrapped in a PVC jacket that can withstand excessive stress. The installation is simple and straightforward, with no bends and twists. It comes with a box that ensures excellent protection with a simple pull-through design to avoid kinks and knots.

Specifications of solid shielded cat5e cable
· Four conductor pairs
· Size of 24 AWG
· Solid stranding
· Solid annealed bare copper conducting material
· Insulation with polyethylene
· The overall diameter of insulation is 0.035 in. ± 0.0002 in
· Voltage Rating of 300V

A lot more of NetStrand long Ethernet cable
Whether it is the cat6 plenum cable 500 ft. Or the shielded direct burial cable that you need; we at Firefold have it all. We make sure that you find the best cable for your networking application.
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