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-Firefold brings you premium quality tools/cables for home & office
Firefold brings you modern networking solutions to all your tools/cables for home & office needs among other accessories. The ideology behind each of our product is authenticity, accessibility and affordability which is something not everyone can swear by. Our various products such as the ones in the tools/cables for home & office category are a direct reflection of this very ideology. These are just some of the attributes that make us the choice outlet to solve your queries and networking issues. We swear to deliver to your very doorstep, nothing but the best of the best among the tech world products.

Good quality cables for home or the office are so integral. This is because in order to run any sort of business, whether from the office or your home or even just for daily activities at home, you need the right tech accessories to ensure the maintenance of an efficiently run system. These could be certain tools or certain cables that connect to your various monitors, TVs, or other techno-savvy gadgets. These accessories are great office cable management ideas and a reasonable solution to all your networking problems. We are here to provide you with a large variety of tools/cables for home & office to choose from. These have been designed carefully considering various parameters derived after prodigious research to fit everyone’s wants, needs, and defy all expectations. Surely, the best cables for the office especially for you.
The tools/cables for home & office arsenal is incomplete without a USB type C cable. It also possesses significant advantages over type A and B connectors. Using our cable, you can connect your USB Type C device to outputs such as a laptop or a computer. You can exchange or transfer of information between the two connections efficiently and quickly using our USB type C cable while charging your device. it is reversible with no up or down orientation so connect it whatever way you find easy.
Our USB type C cable uses the USB 3.0 Gen 1 specification hence supporting SuperSpeed USB data transfer rates of up to 5Gbps. This is significantly faster than the previous specification. It incorporates two paths of data, receiving and transmission to ensure increased bandwidth. Our USB type C cable variety is universal, symmetrical, reversible, effective, and boasts the highest degree of quality among all tools/cables for home & office in the market.
Such a cable is constructed to allow the transmission of high definition audio and video signaling between a display port source and a display port monitor. The source of the Display Port cable could be a computer or other such electronic items. The purpose could be gaming or any other task no matter how menial or huge. The cable allows such a connection to be established. It works very similarly to the HDMI cable. Our display port cable variety is of the utmost prestigious quality nature and can support very high resolutions on monitors. Its ability to support hot-plugging allows you to prevent any inconvenient rebooting of your device in order to attain connector recognition. Boasting DP-MM, full shielding from electrical interference and copper conductors, it ensures purity and clarity of the signals from any source to any display. The Firefold display port cable incorporates metal plated connectors for sturdiness and durability.
Want to establish an HD connection between a USC C source and HDMI input? Our USB C to HDMI adapter is your ultimate holy grail from our tools/cables for home & office category. Connect your high definition monitor or even your TV to the USB C port of your laptop using this cable and you will attain a crystal-clear successful connection between the two. Our efficacious adapters are made with the best materials and ensure optimum functionality. They provide very high-resolution support such as 4Kx2K so you can enjoy your Full Ultra HD experience at any time.
This particular adapter cable is an innovative office cable management accessory used to establish a connection between an extra monitor and your laptop. Our USB type C to VGA adapter makes these functions easy while impressing you with great specifications and performance capabilities. Whether you want to connect an extra monitor of yours to your laptop, Chromebook, Pixel or Mac, it will do all that and much more. Just plug in our trusty USB type C to VGA connector to your computer and then connect your monitor to the adapter. An easy to use connector that supports DP alternative mode and possesses a high-quality build increasing its longevity. You can’t go wrong with this member of our tools/cables for home & office variety.
This could be a USB C to DVI male adapter or USB C to DVI female adapter depending on your need. Our USB C to DVI adapter ensures that you can make a successful connection between a high definition monitor or TV with a desktop PC or laptop. All of this is done by putting your computer’s USB C port to use. Our USB C to DVI adapter is a premium quality tools/cables for home & office members and supports high resolution to make sure you get the Full HD experience.

An external video card for your Mac or PC, the J5create display adapter gives you the ability to add another monitor or display using your USB C port without going through the hassle of adding an additional video card to your computer. Hence, saving you time and money. Equipped with support for three viewing modes to improve efficiency; primary mode, secondary mode and mirroring mode. Each boasts their own advantages. The j5create display adapter comes with plug & play functionality making it is perfect for presentations.-J5CREATE ETHERNET ADAPTER & J5CREATE ANDROID DOCK
With these cables home & office accessories, you can perform a number of functions. Our j5create Android dock boasts adjustability for easier browsing on your Android device. It also improves efficiency with its USB connectivity. The j5create ethernet adapter here ensures the provision of extra connectivity for your computer while maintaining a 5Gbps transfer speed. Using it, you can add networking capabilities, additional USB accessories and Gigabit LAN to a wifi-less computer. The j5create ethernet adapter boasts great ethernet performance and is perfect for all laptops and computers that have a USB C port.
Firefold is surely the best outlet for anyone looking for great quality and functionality in their tools/cables for home & office equipment.
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