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HDMI 1.4

HDMI 1.4 cable

HDMI 1.4 cable offers a better user experience as it supports high-resolution videos, high-speed networking and eliminates the need for a separate audio cable. Here, at Firefold, you will find everything that can enable you to make the most of everything that HDMI 1.4 bandwidth has to offer. Here are what we offer and the HDMI 1.4 cable specs that everyone should know.

HDMI 1.4 switch
The HDMI 1.4 switch is the perfect solution for all those who have more devices than HDMI ports. This one can work with televisions that are equipped with HDMI ports. Via the switch, users can connect as many as five devices to one port simultaneously. It eliminates the need to plug and unplug cables frequently.
It works quite well for large setups like sports bars, and conference rooms wherein devices have to be switched midway. The switch that forms part of our collection also features auto-switching and is also provided with a remote for more convenience. The switch we offer has the following features
· Works well for all types of settings
· Ready to use instantly
· High video resolution supported
· Can easily switch between the various sources
· Provided with led indicators to confirm the operation

HDMI to DVI cable
This HDMI 1.4 cable is best suited for instances wherein HDMI devices have to be connected to DVI equipment or vice versa. The HDMI to DVI cable we offer ensures that a high-quality signal is maintained throughout.
Users can use this cable to connect the computer to an HD display and more. This cable supports bi-directional operation as well. Users can play computer games on big screens via this cable for a better experience as well. It is provided with dual foil shielding to minimal electromagnetic and radio frequency interference. The HDMI 1.4 cable we offer has the following features
· Provided with gold plated plugs with a plug protection cable
· High-quality
· RoHS compliant

HDMI IR control kit
This control kit enables you to add the feature of IR control to any setup with your existing HDMI cable. All that is indeed is to plug the adapters onto the HDMI cable and then attach the IR transmitter and receiver to it, and the work is done. Here, at Firefold, there are multiple options for an HDMI IR control kit with the following features
· Enables IR control over any HDMI cable
· Provided with a simple plug and play design
· Extends IR signal more than 328ft
· Supports dual-band IR
· Adapters are IR or CEC configurable

HDMI over fiber cable
The HDMI over fiber cable works quite well to ensure that audio and video signals over large distances face minimal interference. These cables are designed to ensure that audio and video signals can be sent up to 1000 feet. Connecting the transmitter to the source device and the receiver to the destination device is sufficient to get the best results.

A lot more than HDMI 1.4 cable
Our collection is versatile and features more than just a cable. Here, at Firefold, you will find everything that can enable you to make the most of HDMI 1.4 bandwidth with a profound user experience.
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