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The gaming accessories for the ultimate gaming experience

Passionate gamers are quite particular about their gaming experience. There is quite a lot that is needed to play PC games smoothly. A powerful enough computer having adequate memory, excellent graphics, and a lot more is required to ensure that there is no hindrance along the way.

Gaming accessories can be quite costly. While people endeavor to get the best gaming accessories PC, the retailer matters. It is ideal to find all the gaming accessories at the same place. You can take a look at the collection by Firefold. They have everything needed for a great gaming experience.

The gaming accessories to check out
Firefold has quite a lot to offer to enthusiastic gamers. Here are some of the things that can enhance your gaming experience.

All computers are equipped with a mouse. However, a gaming mouse is slightly different. They have various features and standards that assist gamers in their endeavors. Increased accuracy, impressive connectivity, and low latency are some of the properties that might come handy for gamers.
Some gaming mouse options also have advanced features like customized weight, LED lights, and so on. Your budget and comfort are critical, decisive factors.

IOGEAR Kaliber gaming mouse
This gaming mouse works great for both beginners and advanced gamers. It features a multi-colored ring of LEDs surrounding the mouse, providing RGB illumination. The gaming-grade optical sensor that forms part of the muse makes it highly responsive as well.
IOGEAR Kaliber gaming mouse is provided with a classic shape along with anti-slip rubber side panels, meant to enhance the comfort of the customers. The non-slip grip is a bonus.

Features of IOGEAR Kaliber gaming mouse
· Equipped with seven buttons and macro-programming software · Has RGB backlighting · 11 lighting modes offered · Offers Up to 5000 dpi optical sensor · Provided with Double injected non-slip rubber side panels

Headset for gaming is not merely an alternative to speakers. Most online games require players to chat with one another and share instructions. Thus, a noise-canceling microphone is imperative for clear communication.
Some games have a virtual soundscape wherein the players are told of the happenings around them. Thus, getting the best pc gaming headset 2020 would give gamers an advantage. Here are a few options you can find at Firefold.

Hyper x cloud ii gaming headset
This is among the most versatile gaming accessories you can find. It is explicitly designed to cater to the gamers' requirements, irrespective of their style and system.
It is quite comfortable due to the signature HyperX memory foam. The closed ear cups and 53mm drivers make sure that the headset produces precise sounds. Durable aluminum is used to build the frame. The robust build of the Hyper X cloud ii gaming headset makes sure that it can last for a long time.

Specifications of Hyper X cloud ii gaming headset
· Memory foam instilled in the ear cushions along with padded leatherette headband · Provided with 53mm drivers · Precise and clear sound production · Provided with a durable aluminum frame · Equipped with a noise-canceling earphone

Velocilinx Boudica headset
This is another option for the gaming headset pc. With the Velocilinx Boudica headset, one can hear all the audio effects produced by the game. It makes use of the 7.1 virtual surround sounds that allows the gamers to be immersed in the gaming environment completely.
The 50mm advanced neodymium drivers deliver profound quality sound. The noise-canceling microphone makes it easier for gamers to interact with other players. It is also provided with a built-in controller that can be used to adjust the volume and activate the mute button as the need arises.

Specifications of Velocilinx Boudica headset
· Uses 7.1 virtual surround sound system
· Provided with 500mm drivers
· Built-in controller
· A prism lighting LED backlight featured on the ear pads

Dreamgear headset for Xbox
This one makes you feel like you are right in the gaming environment. The sound produced is precise and crystal clear. An extra soft ear cushion forms part of the Dreamgear headset for Xbox that allows the gamers to play for hours without any discomfort. The comfort headband prevents the headset from falling off your heat. The volume and mute controls are located at ergonomic positions for the convenience of the gamers. It can be a good choice for those looking for the best budget gaming headset.

Specifications of Dreamgear headset for Xbox
· Designed specifically for Xbox
· Provided with a 4-foot cable length
· Features a mute switch
· Adjustable design with lightweight

Responsiveness and programmability are critical features for gaming keyboards. Many gamers look for a gaming keyboard and mouse best buy to ensure optimal comfort and convenience. Thus, a gaming keyboard is one of the most sought after gaming accessories.

IOGEAR spill-resistant keyboard
It is not uncommon for gaming accessories to be subjected to a bit of wear and tear. Things can get tricky if something spills on the keyboard, as cleaning is difficult. IOGEAR spill-resistant keyboard can be an excellent choice to deal with the problem.
This keyboard as strategically placed canals situated under the keys that ensure that any spilled liquid is streamed away. The sleek design makes handling easier with less pressure exerted on your fingers and wrists as you play.

Specifications of IOGEAR spill-resistant keyboard
· A sleek design offering a tactile feel
· Spill-resistant due to canals under the keys
· LED status indicator on keys like cap lock, scroll lock, and Num lock
· Curved space bar

Passionate gamers spend hours on their gaming chair. Thus, they need something specifically designed for the purpose. It needs to be · Comfortable
· Ergonomically designed
· Durable
The DXRacer gaming chair is a good choice. It features a multi-functional tilt along with a high-density mold shaping foam. Thus, it keeps the body well aligned for hours while playing the game.

Specifications of DXRacer gaming chair
· Ergonomically designed
· Multi-functional tilt
· High-density mold shaping foam
· Long-lasting

Gaming webcams have their own requirements. When one is looking for the best gaming accessories, it is worth the investment to get a webcam as well. It offers an enhanced gaming experienced. The properties to look for in a gaming webcam include
· High video quality
· Good resolution
· Impressive microphone quality
· Low-lighting ability
· Budget
The ultimo 1080p USB webcam is one of the gaming accessories gamers might be attracted to. It offers a 1080p high resolution. Thus, the image quality produced is crystal clear. The view angle is 110 degrees, and the advanced video compression technology also forms part of it.

Specifications of ultimo 1080p USB webcam
· Built-in microphone
· White balance and low light are automatically corrected in a dim environment
· Easy to plug in
· Versatile

Mid-tower case
A lot of people don't think about mid-tower cases while buying gaming accessories. However, the right case can significantly impact your gaming experience. Ease of access, placement of fan and radiator and overall build are some critical factors. An example is the Deepcool mid-tower case. This one is provided with a plastic and rubber coating. It also features seven expansion slots. The Deepcool mid-tower case has a solid build and thus is likely to last for a long time.

Buying high-quality gaming accessories from Firefold
Gaming accessories should be durable and last for a long time. The range of products at Firefold is worth looking at if you want the best quality of accessories at excellent prices.
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