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Zonit is a manufacturer of innovative power distribution solutions for the critical power industry.

To meet the challenges of today's critical power applications, Zonit develops products that:

  • Improve uptime
  • Lower operating and capital costs
  • Reduce risk
  • Improve safety
  • Reduce energy consumption

Over half of the Fortune 100 companies have Zonit products in their facilities.  Zonit provides products to all types of applications, including:

  • Enterprise data centers
  • MDF/IDF closets
  • Cloud computing and hyperscale campuses
  • Government installations
  • Industrial and manufacturing facilities
  • Colocation and managed hosting companies

Zonit is based in Boulder, Colorado, and owns over 100 patents related to their products and designs. They have one purpose: to meet the challenges facing the managers of today's critical power applications. 

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