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Sperry Instruments

Sperry Instruments A Name that Symbolizes Quality

Your safety is our priority. We bring you a wide range of Sperry instruments, from Sperry volt sensors to electrical equipment, all to guard your life.
For over 4 decades, Sperry Instruments have surpassed all competition and expectations in the diagnostic equipment industry. Sperry tools, known for quality, precision, and utility bag every opportunity to satisfy customers. Being one of the popular choices our customers looking for testing tools make, Sperry tools for sale in our collection are gone before you know. So lay your hands on some of the most durable, reliable, and accurate tools, at the best prices in the market.

At Firefold we understand customers and their needs. Combining our commitment and expertise of Sperry Instruments, we make electrical testing easy. Here’s what our range looks like:

Sperry Multimeters
Whether it's a digital, analog, or clamp multimeter needed, electricians all over America choose Sperry Instruments. Owing to the advanced testing capabilities, Sperry multimeters make the best choice. They can be used in testing AC/DC Voltage, amperage, resistance, and continuity. With the newest technological additions to their audible and visual indication prompts, multimeters from Sperry are revolutionizing testing. In addition to the unmatched properties that offer ease of use and reliability, Sperry offers market-leading warranties. Impact-resistant and durable beyond imagination, these are fool-proof diagnostic Sperry tools.

Sperry Clamp Meter
A handy tool for measurement of current, voltage, frequency, and capacitance is an absolute essential everywhere. From a small house DIY endeavor to a large scale industrial installation, Sperry clamp meters have you covered. In fact, they have you safeguarded. Using a simple clamp and jaw to be placed around the wire, clamp meters from Sperry tools allow quick and efficient quantification of the desired electrical aspect. With an added advantage of filtering noises, Sperry clamp meters are apt for noisy environment measurement too. They have an easily manageable ergonomic and user-friendly design. It saves both time and money by offering quick and valuable solutions to fault circuitry. Nonetheless, the clamp’s capacity to measure even the lowest of DC currents makes it a good fit for small and routine processes too.

Sperry Voltage Tester
Engineered to perfection and made for a precise reading, the Sperry voltage tester is a must-have for electricians. Sperry Volt sensors are known to exceed expectations when it comes to accuracy and correctness. With the newest sensors and built-in extra sensitive triggers, voltage testers from Sperry Instruments have made it to the award-winning diagnostic solutions list. Be it a basic tester kit or outlet circuit analyzer, of the Sperry instruments, the voltage testers are some of the best testing equipment in the market. Additionally, they have a compact ergonomic design and the least compromising functionality. This means you can be fully equipped to face and overcome electrical installation challenges wherever you go.

Sperry Electrical Tester
A must-have during any and every electrical test is the Sperry electrical tester. This Sperry tool is in fact the holy grail of diagnosis. Misfortunes are part and parcel of electrical conduction, but with Sperry electrical testers they can be avoided. Aiding faster, better, and secure electrical work, these Sperry testers are ideal for home-based as well as industrial diagnostics. A one-in-all electrical tester kit helps in ensuring circuit continuity but identifying faults and dropping voltages. With a potency to accurately and quickly identify circuits and their faults, Sperry electrical equipment can rationalize where to intervene and where to let go. Being the star tool by Sperry Instruments, the electrical tester supports us in delivering the best possible solutions to those indulging in electrical work.

Sperry Multiscanner
Isolating problems in equipment, fixtures, and installations have been made super easy by Sperry multi scanner. With GFCI test functionality, and capacity to read wire receptacles correctly, these are a big hit. Through easy, quick, and correct diagnosis, Sperry multi scanners are aiding industrial, commercial, and private facilities in solving energy problems. Like all other Sperry instruments, these too maintain vital processes by ensuring safety and leaving no room for hazardous events in workplaces. The multi scanners are specialized tools built on the purpose of providing Scan-tests. These Scan-tests have multiple technologies integrated within one tool to ensure no wood, metal or unwanted material comes in the way of work. These are mainly used to avoid contact of nails with live wires behind the walls. Whether trying to drill in for installation or simply nailing down a canvas painting, it is critical to avoid pricking or nicking an electrical wire. Sperry tools like these are made to have your back in such situations.

Sperry Thermometer
It's always Sperry Instruments that leave an impression when it comes to expert technical assistance. One of its leading offers is the Sperry thermometers, used in critical temperature measurements. It is of prime importance during a site operation or electrical installation to have testing equipment. With Sperry electrical equipment for testing, the application can be reviewed without coming in contact with live conductors. Without having to touch energized circuits, thermometers by Sperry can expertly monitor temperatures and ensure safety installations. Using a distance to spot ratio, Sperry thermometers can measure and dictate changes required in electrical plug-ins.

Sperry Crimping Tool
Among the very useful offerings at Firefold, we have Sperry crimping tools, apt for quick identification of faults and even quicker debugging. Sperry tools for crimping use three simple steps to make installations fault-proof. Ensuring safety in exactly-cutting, stripping, and terminating-loop, these Sperry Instruments are capable of doing wonders. The steel frames of Sperry crimpers are heat treated which provides immense durability and compatibility with crimping stations. They also come with protective rubber over-mold that not only enhances grip but aid in shock resistance.

Know what best about Sperry electrical equipment and diagnostic tools? They can be easily packed and transported. This means you are always prepared while on the go or even on an errand run. Just like Gardner Bender’s repair tools, Sperry instruments exceed all customer expectations.
With a lifetime warranty and a quality that lasts till eternity, Sperry Instruments are solutions you look for every day!
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