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Platinum Tools

The Leading Authority on Installation, Termination and More

If you do any type of work regarding the installation and termination of network and audio/video wiring and cable, you're no doubt familiar with the name Platinum Tools. For over 16 years, they've released a wide range of different high quality, dependable solutions to the market - you've likely used some of their wire strippers and cutters, testers and tools, EZ-RJ11 and EZ-RJ12 connectors and tools and much, much more.

Professionals in the installation and networking spaces have long praised Platinum Tools' catalog for not only their sleek, thoughtful design but also their time-saving functionality, highly accurate results and other key factors. A large part of this has to do with the fact that all Platinum Tools products have been tested by a team of experts to always guarantee top marks in terms of ease of use, quality and - most importantly - value.

Both home users and installers can also benefit from the frustration-free EZ system of crimpers and connectors for professional results at do-it-yourself prices. With expansive offerings including compression tools, strippers, saws, and full kits, there is a place for Platinum Tools in every project.

But one thing that it's far too easy to forget is the fact that the products don't live and die on their own - there is a real company (with a real heart) behind it all. In fact, the values that have forged such a dependable brand over the last two decades are almost as interesting as the products themselves.

The Platinum Tools Story

Though Platinum Tools may be one of the biggest brands in its field operating anywhere in the world today, it didn't necessarily start out that way. Founded all the way back in 1997, Platinum Tools opened its doors operating under two very simple principles. The first was that they aimed to develop and source the absolute best possible solutions on behalf of their customers, no exceptions. This included not only the types of items needed for preparation of wire and cable but also installation, hand termination and absolutely everything in between.

Additionally, the original team behind Platinum Tools - many of whom are still around to this day - wanted to create the type of operational infrastructure that allowed them to get these items to the people as quickly as possible, always operating in an efficient, timely and high quality manner.

From the basis of this two very straightforward ideas, the foundation of something much larger and more important was born.

The Products

Although the Platinum Tools product line has certainly changed over the years, the way that they select and source these items has not. All products with the Platinum Tools logo must satisfy three mission critical benchmarks in order to be considered ""ready for prime time.""

First, they have to prove their own existence, so to speak, by way of utility of function. In essence, they need to be items that display a very real purpose in terms of what they're supposed to do and who they're supposed to do it for. Platinum Tools doesn't release a product purely for the sake of it - they need to genuinely make the lives of their customers better.

Next, they need to display a certain quality of function - meaning that they actually live up to the promise that they put forward in the first place. If you purchase even something as simple as a keystone jack from Platinum Tools, it needs to live up to your expectations and meet your needs or it simply isn't going to be released - end of story.

Finally, all tools with the Platinum Tools logo needs to display a superior economic value - meaning that they're not going to release a $5,000 tester just because they think they can get away with it. 

These three guiding principles have dictated so many of the decisions that Platinum Tools has made since 1997 and this is one set of values that shows absolutely no signs of changing anytime soon.

The People

But for many in the Platinum Tools family, just as important as the products themselves are the people who work hard every day to bring them into the world. Company leadership understands that without the right people working on the right jobs at exactly the right time, they literally have no company from which to build. All employees who enter the fold must themselves be focused on the work above all else and must display three benchmarks similar to the products themselves.

All Platinum Tools representatives must be dedicated to offering a superior level of customer satisfaction - the kind that most customers won't have had the pleasure of experiencing up until now. If you have a question, you know that you can turn to Platinum Tools to answer it. If you have a problem, you know that you can turn to Platinum Tools to solve it. If you run into an issue with a particular product, you know that you're in good hands - and if you don't, they simply aren't doing their jobs.

Secondly, all Platinum Tools employees must show superior product knowledge and expertise. Essentially, they need to be the default experts on every item that carries the company's logo. If they're not, how else are you expected to trust that you're doing more than just making a purchase, but entering into a true relationship with a brand in every sense of the term? The answer to that question is a simple one: you can't.

Finally, all Platinum Tools employees must show a willingness to learn and adapt as time moves on. When you think about how far the industry in general has come over the last 20 years, there has been an incredible amount of evolution that has taken place and Platinum Tools has always been at the forefront. This eagerness to adapt is about more than just maintaining a competitive advantage in an increasingly crowded marketplace - it's about instilling within customers everywhere the confidence that comes with knowing that if something truly incredible comes along, Platinum Tools will be at the forefront.

In the end, one of the major reasons why Platinum Tools is one of the most popular brands operating anywhere in the world today is because of this combination of products and people. If you only had one or the other, you wouldn't be able to enjoy anywhere near the level of success that they have since they originally opened their doors back in 1997. Only by amassing a team of passionate, knowledgeable experts to work on world class, valuable and economical products are you able to build the type of brand that truly stands the test of time - something that it's clear to anyone who has ever used a Platinum Tools product that they've been able to do quite handedly.

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