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Garvin A Name Synonymous to Trust

Support, security, connectivity or flexibility, Garvin aces it all.
The secret to success for a name so big is rather a three-dimensional key: quality products, affordable prices and adept staff! Aligning our business model with your needs and expertise of this industry giant, we offer products that undoubtedly offer support, security, connectivity, flexibility and low voltage lighting for sure!

Having first of their kind, robust and of much utility, our products from Garvin’s electrical voltage reduction line is by far our prized retail. With an incredible compatibility with market needs, we pair our service with Garvin to bring what’s in demand and of quality.

Garvin Industrial Supplies
Garvin is a name associated with excellence and grit to improve on their low voltage lighting and electrical supplies. Steering through the competition, this company has enjoyed an unrivaled reputation. As we dedicate our platform to quality achievement, we house Garvin products and pride on it.

In the business since 1879 with a vision to combine excellent customer service with agility, teh company has always takes the lead. Having a similar vision of outperforming rivals, we maintain quality, service and leave an impact worthwhile.

Garvin Products
Having an exclusively wide range of products, including southwire tools, insulating bushing and what not. Garvin electrical supplies are our star offering and we urge you to dive into an experience unparalleled.
Among the specialty offerings, our stock of Garvin industrial supplies include:
Garvin Wall Plates
Giving an appealing finish and providing ease in networking, Garvin wall plates are a must count on home hack. These are gadgets that epitomize economic efficiency while also allowing maximum installation effectiveness. With a price range friendly to all budgets and a flexible fixature ability, Garvin wall plates can do wonders for both, industrial and home affairs.

Garvin Cable Hooks
With cables, a need for cable hooks arise. These are what keep the cables from going astray around the house and hindering movement. Premium quality Garvin cable hooks ensure a safe, restricted and very well organized cable network. Withstanding all seasonal, commercial, industrial and home pressures, these gadgets are handy and must for all homes.

Garvin Cable Plates
Installing cables while working with wood studs is never easy. Aiding the process and attempting to deliver quality as well as safety, Garvin Safety Plates for Wood studs ensure no cuts, no drills and absolutely no injury menaces. Hammered into upright Garvin wood studs, these plates keep Garvin users safe from unfortunate events. Available in 3 to 6 inch varieties, these are some of the best offerings at Firefold.

Garvin Eliminator Ring
There's no better alternative for a low voltage outlet box than a handy bracket in the form of a Garvin eliminator ring. Having an easy installation property, these rings are best for mounting low voltage wires in homes as well as commercial buildings. With absolutely no hard draining drilling mess or a difficult user experience, the eliminator rings like all other Garvin electrical equipment aid single-gang volume controls, switches, or wall plates by fitting right.

Designed with precision,, the Garvin construction products for industrial use as well as amateur friendly equipment is synonymous to perfection. With impeccable quality control of the company and our supply chain that ensures maximum efficiency, build on your needs by satisfying you!
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