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Laptop Batteries

Laptops continue to remain as one of the most efficient and useful devices. However, as much as everyone finds them convenient to use, we tend to neglect their maintenance, especially the laptop batteries. Despite the fact that we all love to enjoy a wireless working experience, there are times where our laptop batteries become old, worn out, or drained. Hence you'll be needing a replacement laptop battery.

We bring to you various options that you can explore and avail when searching for replacement laptop batteries.

Laptop Batteries HP

HP is one of the most famous Windows laptop brands, thanks to its excellent specifications, graphics, and other advanced features. You can easily buy a laptop battery from the market according to your laptop's model and year. It is important to keep in mind that the battery is in proper working condition, whether new or used. Otherwise, this will just be causing you some extra bucks or may cause damage to your laptop by overheating it or slowing down its performance.

Laptop batteries HP for leading models such as the HP Elitebook are readily available in the market. You can buy laptop batteries by looking at various online stores or visiting the market in person. The laptop batteries HP 3-cell batteries of 10.8 V. They are Li-Polymer internal notebook batteries that are compatible with numerous Elitebook models.

For the best replacement laptop batteries for the HP Envy series, 4-cell Li-Polymer internal batteries with 14.4 V are available. Furthermore, for HP Probook, another hot-selling model, the laptop batteries are 3-cell 10.8 V Li-Polymer.

Laptop Batteries Dell

Another leading laptop brand is Dell, and people can easily find marketplaces to buy dell laptop batteries from. Various models of Dell, including Dell Inspiron, Dell XPS, and Dell Latitude, have replacement laptop batteries available. For the Dell XPS model, the laptop batteries have 4-cells 7.6V and are Li-Ion batteries.

Laptop batteries for Dell Inspiron are Li-Polymer 3-cell batteries with 7.6V, but in some models, 4-cell 7.6 V Li-Polymer batteries are also used. However, in the case of Dell Latitude, the dell laptop batteries are Li-Polymer, but they are 4-cell 7.6 V.

Apple Laptop Batteries

MacBooks or the Apple laptop are way different from brands like HP and Dell. The primary difference between them being their different software- MacBooks using IOS while the latter two using Windows. Hence their batteries and specifications are other too. For the Apple MacBook Air 2010 model, the apple laptop batteries to be used are 4-cell 7.6 V Li-Polymer batteries. This laptop battery is for the 13-inch model.

For the 13-inch MacBook Air battery (2008-2009 model), the apple laptop batteries to be used or replaced are 4-cell 7.2V, LiPolymer. To avoid any inconvenience while getting batteries replaced or changed, it is best to keep in mind that you get the battery according to your MacBook model. For different screen sizes, different laptop batteries are to be used.


The ideal way to look for a laptop battery replacement is to do your research and then get the best battery available in the market according to your laptop's model.

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