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The latest collection of KVM extenders at Firefold

Adder Technology is among the most renowned manufacturers of information technology hardware that has been in the business for long. Since its inception in 1984, the company has only witnessed an upward trend.
This is evident from the fact that they are the largest producers of KVM that is Keyboard, video, mouse controllers in Europe. They have dominated the market for more than 35 years with their high-quality and innovative products. All the latest KVM extenders are available for Firefold.

The company is undoubtedly stimulating and rewarding. Through Adder KVM, extending, switching, and managing computers remotely is a breeze.

Get ADDERLink KVM and much more at Firefold
Firefold offers an extensive range of KVM extenders and much more by Adder technology. Here are some of the products to check out!

8 port KVM
This is the power supply that provides your installation the power it needs to grow. It is capable of delivering up to 16 lockable power 12VDC outputs and remote management.

Specifications of 8 port KVM
· Provided with two swappable power modules
· Can be controlled through a secure HTTP interface
· Equipped with REST API allowing third-party control integration
· 12V to 5V cable converters available

DVI KVM extender
This one is a good choice for those looking for high-quality KYM extenders. This one has been designed keeping the needs of small to medium businesses in mind. It can be integrated into larger systems that can then be controlled through the third party software.

Specifications of DVI KVM extender
· Powerful with matrix functionality
· Configurable
· Can be programmed as both receiver and transmitter
· Offers the option of remote control
· Has the feature of local USB and video feed via ports

KVM Switch 8 port
With this high-quality Adder KVM, as many as eight computers can be controlled through a single KVM console via dual-link DVI or HD analog video links.

Specifications of KVM switch 8 port
· Can be used to access multiple applications
· Smooth and fast USB switching

Adder IP KVM
This Adder KVM offers you VM access to the ADDERLink KVM infinity range. Through this, the users can switch between physical and virtual machines from the user workstation directly. There is no need or ripping or replacing the old KVM structure if you use the latest Adder IP KVM.

Specifications of Adder IP KVM
· A single fiber connection to video, audio, and USB
· Complete access to physical and virtual machines
· Color accuracy
· Fast switching

Find the best KVM extenders at Firefold
There is so much more at Firefold like the ADDERLink x200. This one allows you to access and control the critical computing hardware through your standard IP network. Indeed, the motion video is smooth with this unit, and it also offers precise mouse synchronization. These ADDERLink Ipeps are highly reliable and secure.

It's evident that Adder technology excels in this field. The collection of KVM extenders by Adder at Firefold covers it all. Access to multiple systems and feasible switching is now within your reach!
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