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Product Spotlight: Chief Mounts, A Leader in TV, Monitor, and Projector Mounts
Chief Mounts Product Spotlight Chief Mounts is a part of Milestone AV Technologies. Created 35 years ago, they have developed hundreds of products and patented designs. Through their technological advances, they have become a leader in the AV industry. From state-of-the-art mount and racks to technology supplements, Chief Mounts is the place to go for products that are simple to install and easy to maintain.

Why Chief Mounts Is Different

As a leader in the industry, Chief Mounts knows what it takes to develop award-winning designs. They entered the industry with a projector mount roll in 1978. Since that time, they have continued to stun the industry with their simple installations and high-quality products. Individuals who are looking to build a home theater or projection system can use these products to create the perfect home system. Designed to exceed expectations, Chief Mounts offers the flexibility and simplicity that individuals need.

How This Guide Will Help You

This guide will help you figure out the best products to use from Chief Mounts. While all of FireFold's products are exceptional, we believe that the offerings from Chief Mounts deserve some extra attention. The guide will highlight the different product categories that customers will need. In the guide, the links lead to specific product pages that can be clicked to navigate to the specific product.

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Projector Mounts

Chief is a leader in the field of projector mounts. From the Elite series to RPA, these projector mounts are offered in a variety of different formats. Users can expect excellent flexibility and easy installations for their projector. Currently, Chief Mounts offers projector stacker mounts, ceiling projector mounts, short throw projector mounts, automated projector mounts, projector mount all-in-one kits and security for projector mounts.

Recommended Projector Mounts

Out of the many projector mounts available, our favorite is the suspended ceiling projector system. It is designed to offer impressive installation speed and flexibility. The mount and column arrive pre-assembled for easy installations. Meanwhile, it offers a detachable electric plate for pre-wiring and an adjustable ceiling plate. This system uses a tool-free microzone to avoid the need for set screws. Meanwhile, Centris Technology ensures that you can position it with just your fingertips for a completely tool-free lockdown. Another option for projector mounts is the Chief SL151 SMART-LIFT Automated Projector Mount Lift. This product is designed for precise positioning and quick connections. It offers independent roll, yaw, and pitch for optimal adjustments. Offered with a 10-year manufacturer warranty, this product has three different installation options. With a drop-in design, the automated projector mount lift works with a 2 feet by 2 feet ceiling. It provides smooth, silent movement and works well with suspended ceilings. Users can use the automated projector mount to hide their projector for easy storage when it is not in use.

Television Mounts

At Chief, users can select from a wide array of television mounts. Offered in universal and custom displays, these mounts are easy to use and install. They are designed to integrate effortlessly with other accessories for the best user experience possible. Among the many options available, users can locate automated mounts and television ceiling mounts. While the automated mounts allow for effortless control of the screen's angle, the ceiling mount helps for hanging one or multiple televisions from an extension column. For accessories, Chief Mounts offers television carts, stands, accessories, media adapters, and speakers. Clients can check out fixed wall television mounts, full-swing wall mounts, tilting wall mounts, in-wall television mounts, pole mounts and video wall solutions.

Recommended Television Mounts

Among the many excellent television mounts available, one of our favorites is the Chief MTMP1U Medium Fusion Portrait Tilt Wall Mount. Designed to work with 32 to 47-inch screens, this wall mount comes with a 10-year manufacturer warranty and a built-in cable stand. It uses audible click technology to show that the screen has been safely attached to the mount. Meanwhile, ControlZone leveling ensures that post-installation adjustments can still be made. The tilt wall mount has a fast installation time, easier cable management and improved lateral tilt. Overall, users can expect up to 12 degrees tilt from the mount. Bolts can be pre-installed for faster installation times, and the Centerless Shift provides a 10.4-inch post-installation shift for the best unlimited centering possible. For a low-profile option, the Chief PIWRF2000B Large Low-Profile In-Wall Swing Arm Mount is designed with fingertip tilt and effortless adjustments. It can handle up to 200 pounds in weight, and it works with screens ranging from 42 to 81 inches. The interface bracket has to be purchased separately, but everything else that is needed comes in the box. Using the ClickConnect system, users can ensure that their television is property attached to the mount. This low-profile design does not require any tools to connect it, which makes it easy for anyone to install and use. To enjoy one of the best display mounts, users can check out the Chief CM2C4OU Automated Ceiling Lift for Display Mount. This product works with screens ranging from 32 to 61 inches, and it can handle up to 190 pounds. When moved, the mount adjusts at a rate of 2 inches per second. It comes with a 10-year manufacturer warranty, and it can collapse to just 31 inches. Since this product is designed with an AutoDrive system, it effortlessly, quietly adjusts to the exact position that you need.

Monitor Mounts

At Chief Mounts, monitor mounts are designed for desktops, walls, and other locations. They use fingertip tilt and side-to-side pivot so that you can get the right ergonomic tilt. These mounts are often used by home offices and companies that want to improve employee wellness and reduce the chances of carpal tunnel syndrome. This variety of mounts is available for slat wall, desk, wall and pole mounting. The monitor desk mounts are designed to help save space on a desk for the most workspace possible. Meanwhile, Chief's monitor pole mounts work to improve the viewing angles through tilt adjustments and smooth pivot. Monitor wall mounts are made to be low-profile to save space and allow a full swing arm for the maximum viewing angle. Laptop mounts are designed for mounting a laptop or using a flat monitor with the laptop. For the best experience, Chief also sells monitor mount accessories for adapting furniture, boosting security and providing full swing arms.

Recommended Monitor Mounts

Out of the many monitor mounts available, the Kontour K1C Dynamic Height-Adjustable Column Mount is one of the best. It works at home, in the office or at health care facilities for the best ergonomics. Since it has the best weight capacity in its class, it is simple to install and use. This project uses Centris Extreme Tilt technology for fingertip positioning of the monitor. Once installed, users can enjoy a more comfortable and productive workplace.


To go with their mount products, Chief Mounts also offers enclosures, accessories and racks. These are designed for the professional AV market, so they are ideal for pro audio suppliers, commercial installers and other companies in the industry. Buyers can get in-cabinet racks for effortless rotation and installation. For freestanding racks, Chief offers products ranging from skeleton racks to completely enclosed racks. Other options include the RackBuilder AV Rack Systems Configurator, wall-mounted racks, and furniture.

Recommended Racks

Out of the many rack options available, we like the F1 series of furniture racks. These are designed to blend in with the aesthetics of any home office, boardroom or home theater. Each rack is shipped completely assembled before it is shipped, so it can be instantly placed in a room and used. Casters are designed with a 4-inch diameter that allows them to maneuver effortlessly in any environment. Depending on the specific style purchased, these racks may come with reversible hinges, solid wood doors or smoked acrylic doors. Options are available to match any interior design aesthetic. Chief Mounts is a leader in the field of projector and television mounts. At FireFold, we partner with leaders in the industry for the best results. From television mounts to automated ceiling life display mounts, Chief Mount offers the exact tools that modern viewers need. Whether you are designing a home theater or want the best video conferencing features for your office, Chief Mounts has the products that suit your needs. Since many of these products offer a 10-year warranty, they provide customers with relief-free purchases and long-term solutions to their viewing needs.

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