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Chief CM2C40U Automated Ceiling Lift for Display Mount - 32 to 61 Inch Screens, Max 190lbs

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Chief is a great company with over 35 years of fantastic products and services. They have hundreds of product awards and designs. Plus, they are recognized globally as one of the AV industry leaders. Their sleek mounting and rack options suit current technologies well and are built to be durable.

With the combination of Chief and FireFold together, you have a powerful force that knows very few bounds! We bring you great prices, they provide an excellent product, and everyone is pretty happy!

Get Down to Business

Wouldn’t it be nice for your car to drive for you? Well, it doesn’t yet. However, this mount will use its auto drive system to come smoothly down from the ceiling! The Chief CM2C40U Automated Ceiling Lift for Display Mount is for 32 to 61 Inch Screens. It can handle a total of 190 pounds, which is more than enough for most modern televisions. Though, it should be noted that it only collapses to 31 inches and has an approximate overall travel distance of 71 inches. Need it out quickly? That’s no problem! This mount pushes the equipment at two inches per second.

No fuss, no muss! Just get one of these today and enjoy the simplicity that it will bring to your life. For such a great price, you really cannot go wrong with this durable mount. Plus, with the money you save on this mount, you can go check out Chief accessories or just invest in other toys you could enjoy. It does ship from one of our non-Concord based warehouses and is not available for local pickup, so please keep that in mind when you make your purchase.


  • FCC Approved
  • Color: Black
  • 71" (1803.4mm) Maximum Extension
  • 200x200mm - 862x517mm Mounting Pattern
  • Approximately 40" (101.6cm) of Overall Travel
  • Landscape Orientation
  • Dimensions: 31.3x23.8x7.8" (794x603x197mm)
  • Fits 32-61" Screens
  • 190lbs (86.2kg) Weight Capacity

Package Contents

  • (1) CM2C40U mount
  • Mounting hardware
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Will this fit my TV?

This will fit most 31-64" screens. Please make sure your TV's mounting pattern is 800x500 or smaller and it weighs 190 lbs or less.

How far does this drop down?

This has a maximum extension of 5.9 feet.

Will I need anything else?

You may need additional hardware if your TV uses a different screw size or if you are mounting to anything other than studs. You will also want an electric screwdriver with a drill bit and a stud finder. A drop cloth to cover your carpet or furniture may help, and a separate level can be a good idea as well.

What is a VESA pattern?

VESA pattern is the mounting pattern. There are several different sizes used by manufacturers. It is the measurement between mounting holes side to size and then up and down. This measurement will always be in millimeters.

Does this tilt or swivel?

This does not tilt or swivel. It is a fixed mount.

Do you need a stud to mount this?

Yes, you need to mount this to a stud or joist.

Can you raise and lower this easily?

Yes, this is a motorized mount.

Does this have any special features?

Yes, this mount can be raised or lowered by remote control.