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10 Must-Have Home Theater Accessories for Under $25
Home theater accessories are great additions to any media center setup. They can amplify the viewing experience, create a great aesthetic, and keep your home theater organized. Chances are when you built your home theater or media center, you invested in items like a television, speakers, and devices such as a gaming console or DVD player. While having the larger items are important, there are also plenty of items that can enhance your home theater experience without breaking the bank! Here are a few of our favorites.

Universal Speaker Wall Bracket Pair—$5.99 Every ultimate home theater should be equipped with surround sound. Having speakers positioned all around the viewing area helps to create a movie theater-like sound. One item that helps you create surround sound is a speaker mount. Speaker mounts are sold in a variety of sizes, and all work to help you create a truly custom sound. This universal speaker wall bracket pair can be installed to a wall or the ceiling and is a breeze to install. The multiple points of articulation make it easy to position your speakers for the best projection of sound. All of the hardware is included. Low Profile Fixed TV Wall Mount—$12.99 TV mounts can completely transform your home theater space by creating a clean and sleek aesthetic. Not to mention, they can enhance the overall viewing experience. While there are many options out there—from fixed wall mounts to motorized mounts to full motion mounts—you don’t need to spend an arm and a leg to create a stylish and functional design. This low profile fixed TV wall mount is perfect for mounting a flat screen TV against a flat wall at eye level. Easy to install, this TV wall mount is perfect for creating the ultimate slim footprint. Cat6 or Cat6a cables—from $0.76 With more and more content being streamed from services such as Netflix and Amazon, the demand for a fast and secure internet connection is even greater. If your home networking doesn’t already include Cat6 or Cat6a cables, consider adding them for a faster and cleaner connection. Universal Remote—$24.99 As you add devices to your home theater it can feel that you acquire an additional remote each time too. Streamline your remotes into one command center with a universal remote. This one from GE can control up to four devices and is compatible with all major brands (over 325 brands to be exact). It is easy to program, and you don’t have to worry about reprogramming the remote if the batteries die. Digital Optical Audio Cable—$12.59 For clean, pure sound, consider purchasing a digital optical audio cable. This TosLink digital cable transmits a clean audio signal, even at the most extreme volume levels. It works by using low-jitter synthetic fiber, a heavy metal connector, and low-loss core that allows the cable to dampen vibration during transmission. You can easily connect this digital optical audio cable to your DVD, CD, DAT, or other digital device, and they are compatible with ADAT, DAW, and Dolby Digital DTS devices with TosLink interface. Simply connect your two devices, and sit back and enjoy clear, richly detailed sound. HDMI Cables—from $3.99

Close-up TV HDMI input Chances are the television in your home theater is equipped with high-definition (HD) resolution. HDMI is the technology behind this and works by carrying digital signals to high-definition televisions. In order to secure the connection, an HDMI cable is needed. Power Strip—$9.99 This understated accessory can be a serious lifesaver when building your home theater space. Most likely, your TV won’t be the only electrically powered device included in your home theater setup. You may have additional devices such as a DVD player, gaming console, cable or satellite box, etc. Make things easier with a power strip like our FireFold branded 12ft, 6-outlet option. This power strip essentially turns a single AC outlet into six separate outlets and is compatible with most US three-prong grounded outlets. Bulk Cable Wall Plates—from $2.19 Cables and wires can create an unsightly view, especially when hanging from your TV wall mount. If you wish to conceal cables behind the wall, then chances are you’ll need a wall plate. These bulk cable wall plates are perfect for running multiple wires through the wall, and they come in many shapes, sizes, and colors, making it easy to match the design of your home theater. HDMI Extender—$24.99 If your home theater is in a large room, or if the space cuts into your HDMI signal, an HDMI extender may be just what you need. This HDMI extender pushes the signal to go farther and can extend the HDMI signal up to 105ft to deliver clear, sharp images. Volume Control Wall Plate—$21.99 Control your home theater—and even your whole home—audio with this easy to install volume control wall plate. The plate fits easily into a pre-existing 1 gang electrical box, and you can even adjust the volume on a speaker-by-speaker basis for a truly custom sound. happy young family wathching flat tv at modern home indoor

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