HDMI Cable Info
High Speed HDMI Cable
Category 2 High-Speed HDMI Cable in lengths up to 100ft. Connect Blu-ray players, cable boxes, etc. to HDTVs.
RedMere HDMI
RedMere Cables with Ethernet and a signal boosting RedMere chip. Allows longer runs over thinner cables.
Premium HDMI Cables
Certified High Speed HDMI Cables that meet or exceed today's demanding technical standards.
SecureFit HDMI Cables
Solid locking connectors for a 45% stronger bond than other cables, ultra slim gauge.
Male to Female HDMI Cables
Cables with both male and female connectors to extend an existing HDMI cable up to 12 feet.
Micro HDMI Cables
HDMI Type A to Micro Cables allows you to connect Smartphones and mobile devices to your TV.
Mini HDMI Cables
HDMI Type A to Mini Cables allows you to connect Smartphones and other mobile devices to your TV.
HDMI to DVI Cables
Adapt an HDMI signal to DVI or DVI to HDMI. Great for connecting computers to TV or HD monitors.
Ultra Slim HDMI
Ultra slim cables for added versatility when routing cables behind TV stands and mounts.
Flat and Swivel HDMI
Ultimate convenience when using flat cables or cables with connectors that swivel.
Plenum HDMI
Plenum Cables with Plenum-rated jackets to meet strict building codes regarding air handling spaces.
PureLink AV HDMI Cables
Features like unique locking technology, which offers added stability and reliable connections.
HDMI Cable Contractor Packs
Buy in bulk and save. Great way to stock up!
Platinum High Speed HDMI
Platinum Cables with Ethernet, netted jacket and reinforced connector housings for durability.