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Universal Speaker Wall Bracket Pair, Black

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Raising the Bar

Modern speaker technology is getting better every year. Products are getting smaller, sound is getting bigger, and wires are required less frequently. Cube, bookshelf, and satellite speakers are becoming especially popular as an alternative to bulky floor-standing models or just as an easy way to enjoy fuller sound than a television offers. They’re simple enough to set up, but leaving your speakers on a desk or shelf isn’t usually ideal. It can look cluttered and other objects between you and your speaker can muffle or dampen your audio.

The Perfect Angle

With a small speaker, all you need is a small speaker mount. FireFold’s WALL-BRACKET-BLK is a pair of universal mounts for speakers weighing less than 10 lbs. It can be used to attach your speakers to a wall or ceiling and comes with all the hardware you need for most installations. With multiple points of articulation, you can easily angle your speakers to best aim sound where you really want it. The body of these mounts come assembled with the ceiling mount extension section in place, but if you wish to wall mount your speakers- or if you prefer a low-profile look- you can easily remove it using the provided tool.

The WALL-BRACKET-BLK comes with two interchangeable plates to accommodate one, two, and four-hole speaker mounting patterns. There is also hardware included to make key-hole mounting simple and secure. To attach your speaker to the mount, all you have to do is screw the single or double-hole mounting plate to the back of your speaker then connect the mounting plate to the mount column by tightening the set screw. It is suggested you fasten your mount to the wall before connecting your speaker. This speaker mount does not include a through-hole for running speaker wire, but cable or Velcro ties can be used to manage any wires.


  • Pair of Speaker Mounting Brackets
  • Can Be Used on Walls or Ceilings
  • Holds Up to 10 Lbs
  • Comes with Single and Double Universal Hole Adapters
  • Contains Removable Extension Section
  • FireFold Signature Lifetime Warranty


  • Wall Mounting & Ceiling Mounting, Adjustable
  • Universal Design Fits Most Brands
  • Load Capacity: 10 lbs
  • Material: Plastic
  • PDF Download Instruction Manual

Package Contents

  • (2) Speaker Mounts
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Will this work with my speakers?

This will work with most small speakers with a single hole, double hole, or keyhold mounting pattern weighing 10 lbs or less.

How many mounts are in the box?

There is one pair of mounts in the box, or two mounts total.

Do these go on walls or ceilings?

These can be mounted on walls or ceilings.

Do you need a stud to mount this?

A stud is always suggested, but you can mount into a stud, drywall, or concrete.