Block and Tackle
Block and tackle, hoists, and more to save time and effort.
Compression and Crimp Tools
Crimping and compression tools from RG59 to RJ45. From names like Klein and Platinum.
Flashlights & Accessories
Penlights and tools for illuminating any work space.
Hand Tools
Quality punch down tools, screwdrivers and pliers from names like Klein and Platinum.
Heavy Industry Tools
Crobars and heavy duty tools.
Lineman Climbing Gear
Tree climbing gaffs, pole climbing sets and more!
Tool Bags and Cases
The best messenger and backpack style tool bags and phone cases from Klein Tools.
Tool Pouches, Carriers, and Belts
Aprons, belts, and pouches to keep all your tools at hand.
Wire Pulling Tools
Whether it's down a wall or through a ceiling, use these to help get the job done fast.
Wire Strippers
Remove the cable jacket off of nearly anything. Coax, speaker, Ethernet cables and more!

If you plan to set up an awesome home theater system, you have to have the tools of the trade. Setting up and connecting all your devices is going to take some tools and know-how. If you already have the knowledge, then it’s time to make sure you have all the required tools.

If you’re working with coax cable, you’ll want to have a crimp tool on hand. To route new wiring into walls and ceilings, it’s a good idea to have fish tape on hand. Fish tape is made of spring steel and can be guided into narrow spaces in the wall.

Traditional electrical tools, such as punch down tools, pliers, tape measures, screwdrivers, and cutters, are also needed when working with wires and cables. Save money and headache by purchasing a tool kit that has all the hand tools you need to install the home theater of your dreams.

Consider a wire stripper/cutter combo tool so you can easily strip and cut wires as needed. With these tools, you can remove the cable jacket from the speaker, coax, and Ethernet cables. Work lights may also be helpful, especially when working in dark areas. How about a tool bag to keep all your tools and equipment organized in one central place when you need them?

Although not a requirement, a network tester can come in handy. These handy devices can test for short circuits, cross-wiring, and continuity to ensure that your electrical wiring skills are up to par. They can also differentiate between reverse, straight-through, and cross-over cables.