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VGA Adapters & Connectors

Your project requiring a little VGA in it? No worries, we’ve got you covered. We have a variety of VGA adapters and VGA cables to meet your needs. Right now, though, let’s get to the VGA adapters.

Need to simply change the gender of an existing cable you have? Done. Need to hook up your newer MacBook to a monitor or project? Also done. Older MacBook? No problem. Let’s not forget your Dell laptop with VGA output that you need to hook up to your high-definition TV! That little VGA adapter is definitely ready for you. We’re sure to have a VGA adapter to fulfill just about any need that you have. We even have a few choices to allow you to add another monitor output for your laptop, allowing you to use it with multiple monitors or other video accessories that require a VGA input.

With our great prices, we’re sure to not only meet your needs for an item - we’re also going to meet your budget. All of our VGA adapters have a full specification list and details on them, so you’ll be able to easily tell if the item will work for your project. If not, just contact us in chat. We’ll be glad to help you out! Go ahead and purchase one of our VGA adapters today!

Vga Adapter & Connectors

Standard connectors are useless when it comes to audio-visual components because they call for enormous data transfer rate. Here, VGA connectors come in and save the day, allowing you to connect your AV equipment to your computer. Compared to the latest technology, they might seem a little outdated, however, still popular.

What are the different purposes of these connections? How useful are VGA adapter & connectors? What are the different versions and what can you accomplish with them? Let’s find all this out in the following guide.

What Are The Vga Adapter & Connectors?
VGA or Video Graphics Array, the invention of the late 80s, revolutionized the data transfer between AV components and computer devices. It has become a market standard for transferring video signals to various electronic devices. You might have heard them by other derivative names, depending on the socket format, and base pin layout.
You may recognize their signature 15-pin connector from your office and office computer setups, allowing the video and audio signals to travel from the CPU to the screen. Also, they are found in various other video output gadgets such as projectors, video cards, laptops, and set-top boxes. It would have been impossible to enjoy the amazingly realistic graphics that you witness today without VGA integration

What Do Vga Cables And Adaptors Do?
VGA adapter & connectors have made their way to not only domestic but also commercial environments where they are used for all types of graphical signal transfer applications. Not to forget, most VGA adapter & connectors support 2048 x 1536 pixels of resolution, which is an incredible figure. It became possible all because of the VGA cable’s ability to relay RGBHV — Red, Green, Blue, Horizontal Sync, Vertical Sync — signals in enormous magnitude. Since the data is transferred in analog configuration, you might experience data loss if the wire length is increased. It is important to note that VGA doesn’t support audio signals, for which we use RCI, MIDI, and USB cables.
On the other hand, you might find miniature versions of VGA adapter & connectors on compact devices as the technology has shrunk dramatically over the past few years.

Types Of VGA Adapter & Connectors?
Many new connectors have surfaced, providing a range of different features. To cope with the ever-changing standards of connectors and adapters, VGA has evolved alongside the latest technology. You can find integrated VGA cables with HDMI and DVI connectors, making them an easy to adapt solution.
Interchangeable technology holds paramount importance in this age where there are gazillions of electronic species. Who knows when you might end up needing a VGA adapter & connectors that combine with your modern devices?
The technical labeling of the types isn’t meant for non-experts. So, we are going to put forth the most prevalent configurations in easy to understand terms.

HDMI To VGA Adapter
Connecting video devices such as projectors and monitors to laptops, desktop computers, and ultra-books containing HDMI output has never been this easier. All thanks to HD to VGA adapter that helps you save the exorbitant cost of upgrades. Isn’t it amazing that instead of buying new equipment, you can simply use this tiny versatile VGA cable adapter to get the job done? It comes in handy for displaying user-created content — work documents, presentations, and video projects.
What’s more, they allow you to enhance your overall productivity by increasing the workspace. No more shifting tabs endlessly for a simple project. For example, you will be able to attach a secondary monitor to handle your work with enhanced more speed and efficiency. And the best thing about these VGA adapter & connectors is that they easily support 1080p resolution, making them a compact solution for your display problems.

VGA To USB Adapter
Since USB reigns the electronic industry, it would have been a disappointment if we didn’t have these interchangeable display adapters. Any computer or laptop possessing a type-C USB port can output the display to a projector, TV, and monitor screen. What you will absolutely appreciate about these VGA adapter & connectors is their dual nature — they can support up to two configurations, you can transfer VGA to either USB or HDM using a single adapter. It does sound incredibly convenient, especially for people who know how big of a hassle these conversions can be.
Even though an interchangeable VGA connector ensures ease, it would be troublesome to install drivers for every gadget. Luckily, they have a plug-and-play system, allowing them to start working the second you put them on.

VGA To VGA Adapter
If both the computer and your video device is equipped with a VGA port, which has become increasingly rare in this age, then a VGA to VGA adapter is what you need. The inside is constructed from 100% pure copper, designed to deliver a high-resolution output that you deserve.
Perfect for work or home, this adapter puts up a trustworthy connection for everything from a video projector, editing, to gaming applications

DVI to VGA Adapter
If you have a flat panel display laying around, then why don’t you make it useful by connecting with your MAC or PC? The male DVI from the source goes with the female VGA present on the video device. It is a great solution to put your spare screens in your house or work to use. Don’t worry about the price as this is an extremely affordable VGA cable adapter that provides expensive work.
In addition to the aforementioned adapters, some other common configurations are the following:
• D-Sub HD15 VGA
• VGA to DVI-D
• VGA to Phono
• VGA to Mini-Jack
• USB to VGA

VGA Gender Types
They come in both female and male variants — or simply sockets and pin layouts. VGA cables are named in reference to their configuration, making it easier to choose. For any setup, you might need a range of various adapters to connect the system together. The following are some available gender-variant adapters:
• Male to Female VGA
• VGA male to male
• Female to Female VGA
• Female to male VGA
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