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  • IOGEAR Kaliber Gaming Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

    IOGEAR Kaliber Wireless Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo

    The IOGEAR GKM602R Kaliber Wireless Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo is designed to work with the KeyMander adapter, giving you maximum precision by enabling keyboard and mouse control and ditching the joystick. This 2.4GHz set transmits signals up to 33 feet away, so you can effectively cut the cord.

    One of the most notable features of this set is the Diamond Ring Keycap structure, which provides an extra solid stroke. You won't experience the lateral play or slop common to other keyboards. Eight anti-ghosting keys ensure your most important keystrokes are registered in the heat of battle, even when multiple keys are being pressed at once. The keyboard switches are rated for over 20 million cycles.

    The precision gaming mouse has three programmable macro buttons and an on-the-fly DPI button to allow shifting between speedy movement and controlled aiming. It is rated for 10 million cycle switches to last the intensity of gaming.